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T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update: Prepare for Epic Battles and New Features

Author:51wma Source:51wma Published:2023-12-26

Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience as T3 Arena unleashes its most exciting update yet! The T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update is set to launch on January 4th, bringing a wave of thrilling additions and changes to kick off 2023 in style. With new Heroes, game modes, skins, and rebalances, T3 Arena is determined to make this year an unforgettable one for players.

Introducing Tigris, the Fearless Vanguard

In Super Season 4 - Lunar Royale, a new Hero named Tigris joins the T3 Arena lineup. Tigris, a courageous Vanguard, wields a shield for both defense and long-range offense. His unique ability allows him to hurl his shield, bouncing off walls and exploding upon contact with enemies before returning to him. Tigris also possesses incredible skills, including deploying an impenetrable shield barrier, charging enemies with a knockback effect, and throwing his shield as a ranged stunning boomerang.

Lunar Royale Battle Pass: A Treasure Trove of Cosmetics

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The Lunar Royale Battle Pass offers an array of exciting cosmetics, including the Gentleman Burglar Labula skin and Lunar New Year-themed accessories like banners and KO fizzes. At level 30, players will unlock Tigris himself, along with the Cyber Centurion skin. Daily mini-games and events will also provide opportunities to earn more holiday-inspired cosmetics.

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Festive Skins

To honor the holiday season, T3 Arena introduces a collection of Lunar New Year-themed skins for selected Heroes. These vibrant and decorative skins perfectly capture the spirit of the festivities.

Unleash Second Ultimates

Four Heroes, namely Victor, Ossas, Kazama, and Hua Ling, will receive rebalanced Second Ultimate abilities. Additionally, four other Heroes, including Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Fade, and Johnny Jet, will unveil brand new Second Ultimate abilities. These powerful skills range from freezing slow fields and remote control maneuvering to devastating naval artillery strikes and the creation of healing safe houses.

Experience the Thrill of Royale Arena

The highly anticipated battle royale mode, Royale Arena, is making its debut in T3 Arena's Casual Mode. Engage in thrilling solo or duo matches, where players must survive against toxic zone damage as the safe area gradually shrinks. With no hiding spots available, the final battles are intense and exhilarating. Players caught outside the safe zone will continuously take damage, while healing effects are reduced.

Explore New Maps and Collect Valuable Items

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Royale Arena maps feature five distinct areas, randomly spawning solo players or duos. Fallen players have the chance to collect tokens and respawn during the match. Keep an eye out for treasure crates and enemy bosses, which offer crucial item drops. Discover gear such as weapons and armor with varying stats and rarities, active and passive skills for an extra advantage, and T-Coins to purchase skills, rare items, or even resurrect fallen teammates.

Introducing Frontierland: A Unique Battle Royale Map

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Experience the all-new Royale Arena map called Frontierland, featuring three distinct biomes: desert, port, and town center. This map also includes special areas with low gravity, adding a unique twist to the battles. As T3 Arena's first battle royale-style map, Frontierland welcomes player feedback to shape future maps and enhance the gaming experience.

Mark Your Calendar for the T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update

The highly anticipated T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update will go live on January 4th, packed with thrilling content that will kickstart your 2023 gaming journey. The T3 Arena team is excited to hear player feedback and will closely monitor the new season for any necessary balance adjustments post-launch.

With an abundance of game-changing content, including the new Royale Arena mode and fan-requested features, T3 Arena is dedicated to listening to its players and taking the game to new heights in 2023. Whether you're a new or returning player, the Lunar Royale update will undoubtedly ignite anticipation for the future as T3 Arena continues to evolve and deliver epic battles like never before.