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Soul Knight Prequel Season System: Discover New Adventures Every Month

Author:51wma Source:51wma Published:2023-12-28

Get ready for an exciting update in ChillyRoom's action RPG, Soul Knight Prequel! The Season System has arrived, bringing fresh content and gameplay to enhance your gaming experience. Let's dive into the details of this new system and explore what it has to offer.

Overview of the Soul Knight Prequel Season System

The Season System in Soul Knight Prequel aims to keep the game exciting by introducing new content, gameplay mechanics, and events every month. Even if you choose to stick with the same class, each season will offer a unique experience. The developers have also listened to player feedback from previous seasons and made improvements to ensure an even better monster-slaying adventure.

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Collectible Items and Seasonal Content

Each season brings collectible items for avid collectors to discover. So, be on the lookout for these special treasures as you embark on your quests. When you start the game, you'll find information about the Season System on the character creation screen. The gameplay mechanics introduced in a current season will remain available even after the season ends, but keep in mind that they might change as you progress through different seasons.

Exciting Features of the Soul Knight Prequel Season System

Let's explore some of the new features and concepts introduced with the Season System:

1. Characters

In Soul Knight Prequel, there are two types of characters: seasonal and permanent. Each season introduces new seasonal characters and equipment, while permanent characters and equipment persist across multiple seasons. Permanent characters are always available for you to play, and their equipment remains usable beyond a single season.

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Seasonal characters have the advantage of experiencing all the unique aspects of the current season. On the other hand, permanent characters can only access a portion of the current season's content while it is active. However, once a season concludes, permanent characters gain access to the complete content of the concluded season.

Your characters from previous seasons won't be erased when a new season begins, and the equipment and items you acquired will remain intact. However, at the start of each season, four additional character slots will be added, allowing you to create fresh characters and embark on new adventures.

2. Special Items

Special items obtained in previous seasons, such as the Valkyrie Plume, Hephaestite, Lydite, and Card Collection, undergo consolidation at the end of each season. For example, multiple Valkyrie Plumes will transform into a single Permanent Plume, categorized as a permanent item.

3. Equipment

Players have the flexibility to share storage space between seasonal and permanent characters using the Storage feature. This allows you to transfer season-based equipment between characters. There are some differences between seasonal and permanent characters when it comes to equipment usage.

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Permanent characters can seamlessly wear both permanent and season-based equipment without any limitations. However, seasonal characters face a restriction when equipping non-season-based equipment, resulting in a halving of their base stats. Nevertheless, the modifiers and Fatebound effects of the equipment remain unchanged, providing strategic opportunities for character builds.


The Soul Knight Prequel Season System brings a refreshing and dynamic experience to the game, ensuring that each month brings something new and exciting for players to explore. With seasonal and permanent characters, collectible items, and unique equipment mechanics, you'll have endless adventures awaiting you in this action-packed RPG. So, gear up, choose your character, and dive into the ever-changing world of Soul Knight Prequel!