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SexNote [v0.22.0a] APK

SexNote [v0.22.0a]

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Package ID:com.jamliz.sexnote


  • Introduction

In SexNote [v0.22.0a], embark on a transformative journey with our protagonist, a shy young man living with his adoptive mothers and stepsister. Witnessing a magical book falling from the sky during class changes his life forever. With the guidance of Brixxida, the guardian demon of the SexNote, he learns magical skills that alter his interactions with friends, family, and enemies. Experience romance, family dynamics, and new encounters in this captivating adventure. Features include a unique storyline, interactive gameplay, engaging characters, visually stunning 2DCG graphics, varied adult content, and compatibility across multiple platforms. Prepare for an unforgettable experience of self-discovery and intrigue.

SexNote [v0.22.0a]

Features of SexNote [v0.22.0a] APK:

1. Unique storyline: Embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery as the protagonist's life is forever changed by the discovery of the magical sexnote book.

2. Interactive gameplay: Make meaningful choices that shape relationships with friends, family, and enemies, adding depth and personalization to your gaming experience.

3. Diverse characters: Encounter intriguing personalities including adoptive mothers, a stepsister, and a guardian demon, each with their own unique traits and storylines.

4. Stunning visuals: Immerse yourself in visually stunning graphics that enhance the immersive experience and capture your attention.

5. Vast adult content: Explore a wide range of adult themes such as dating sim, voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, milf, and more, catering to diverse player preferences.

Gaming Experience

When it comes to sandbox games, I likely breezed through without much effort, relying more on instinct than grinding. There's no need for patches or mods; you shape the relationships within the game yourself.

SexNote [v0.22.0a]

Tips for Play:

1. Explore options: Experiment with different dialogue choices and decisions to unlock hidden storylines and character interactions.

2. Observe reactions: Pay attention to character responses to your choices and adapt your gameplay to strengthen relationships or overcome challenges.

3. Save strategically: Use save points wisely to revisit key moments and explore alternative paths without losing progress.

SexNote [v0.22.0a]

Release Notes:

Version 0.21.0:

- Introducing nine fresh animations.

- Two additional background options.

- Explore a new in-game location.

- Meet two new characters.

- Four new wallpapers to adorn your virtual space.

- Enhanced main menu with animated elements.

- Addressed various bugs from prior releases.

Version 0.20.5:

- Seven new animations to enrich your gameplay experience.

- Updated outfits for Sue, Jane, Kylee, and Lydia.

- Three new wallpapers to customize your environment.

- Enhanced main menu with captivating animations.

- Various bug fixes to ensure smoother gameplay.

Version 0.20.0:

- Added a dozen new animations for enhanced immersion.

- Five new wallpapers to freshen up your digital surroundings.

- Six additional background options to tailor your experience.

- Revamped main menu with dynamic animations.

- Fixed bugs from previous iterations for improved stability.

Installation instructions:

Unzip the files and execute.

Minimum System Specifications:

A Dual Core Pentium processor or its equivalent.

Graphics equivalent to Intel HD 2000.

At least 1.18 GB of available disk space (It's advisable to have double the amount of free disk space).


Embark on an unforgettable journey of magic and self-discovery in SexNote. With its unique storyline, interactive gameplay, diverse characters, stunning visuals, and vast adult content, this game offers an immersive experience tailored to your preferences. Explore the depths of the protagonist's world, forge meaningful relationships, and uncover the mysteries hidden within the pages of the SexNote. Download now to begin your adventure of romance, intrigue, and new encounters.


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