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Exciting Clan Games Await Clash of Clans Players in December 2023

Author:51wma Source:51wma Published:2023-12-28

Get ready for the highly anticipated monthly event in Clash of Clans - Clan Games! Alongside the weekly events, Clan Games has become a favorite among players. These games provide players with in-game objectives and challenges specifically designed for clan members to tackle. As you progress through the Tier system and unlock each level, amazing rewards await. Every month, players eagerly await the announcement of the rewards. So, let's dive into what Clash of Clans players can expect from the Clan Games in December 2023.

Overview of Clan Games in December 2023


The Clan Games for December 2023 will kick off on December 22nd and run until December 28th. The point system remains the same, with a total of 50,000 points up for grabs. Each individual player can accumulate up to 4,000 points, and unlocking the bonus rewards will require a total of 4,000 points.


The familiar six-tier pattern will be followed, with the final tier unlocking at 50,000 points. The criteria for reaching the ultimate tier remains unchanged. However, if your clan has fewer than 13 active members, each contributing 4,000 points may prove to be a challenge in attaining the rewards of the final tier.

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In Clan Games, all members who successfully complete at least one challenge will have the opportunity to claim rewards from each reward tier achieved by the Clan. The reward distribution is exceptional, offering a variety of incentives and loot bonuses that are particularly advantageous for players who do not engage in raids frequently.

By selecting the appropriate rewards from the tiers, players can accumulate a total of 150 gems and a plethora of individual potions, including 2x Builder Potions, along with elixir and gold boosts. This overall reward distribution is truly remarkable.

The Clan Games rewards have seen significant improvements. This time, players can obtain the Gold Rune, which is a great option for defensive upgrades, especially when paired with the Book of Heroes from the Pass. Additionally, players have the opportunity to earn various other valuable rewards, such as a Builder Gold Rune, which is offered in the Penultimate tier.

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We highly recommend picking both the Runes from Tiers 5 and 6, as they will greatly assist in upgrades for your Home Village and Builder Base, particularly in terms of defense. This abundance of resources can be seen as a gold mine for players. The middle tiers also offer excellent rewards, making it beneficial for all clans to strive for completion.

Gear up for the Clan Games in December 2023 and seize the opportunity to claim fantastic rewards for your clan. Don't miss out on this chance to strengthen your village and boost your progress in Clash of Clans!