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Clean Droid

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Package ID:com.ruhax.cleandroid

Developer:Wolfpack Dev

  • Introduction

Clean Droid is the ultimate tool to optimize your device's performance and keep it running smoothly. With its four powerful features - cleaner, launcher, privacy manager, and applications manager - you can easily free up space, boost speed, and enhance security. The cleaner feature removes unnecessary files and cache, while the launcher closes background processes for faster app performance. The privacy manager ensures your personal information is deleted securely, and the applications manager helps you uninstall unwanted apps or back up important ones. With just a few taps, Clean Droid will make your Android device feel brand new again. Download now for a seamless experience!

Features of Clean Droid:

- Efficient Cleaning: Clean Droid efficiently cleans your device, leaving it as good as new in just a couple of seconds. It scans your memory to search for unproductive processes and trash files, freeing up valuable space.

- Performance Monitoring: The main window of Clean Droid provides a quick look at your device's performance, general information, RAM, and available memory. This allows you to assess the current state of your device and take necessary actions.

- Cleaner: The cleaner feature of Clean Droid deletes unnecessary files that are taking up space, such as temporary and cache files. By removing these files, it optimizes your device's storage and enhances its speed.

- Launcher: The launcher feature of Clean Droid gives a speed boost by closing background processes that may be slowing down other apps. This ensures smooth and efficient performance of all your applications.

- Privacy Manager: Clean Droid offers a privacy tab that helps you maintain the safety of your device. It deletes all the information you've entered in social network or mail apps, ensuring your personal data remains secure.

- Applications Manager: The applications manager feature allows you to easily delete unwanted games or programs, freeing up even more space. It also enables you to back up apps that contain important information you want to preserve.


Clean Droid is a powerful and user-friendly app that offers a range of features to optimize your Android device. With its efficient cleaning capabilities, performance monitoring, and speed-boosting launcher, it ensures your device runs smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, the privacy manager and applications manager provide extra safety and usability, allowing you to maintain the security of your personal data and manage your apps effectively. By using Clean Droid frequently, you can keep your device in excellent condition, just like it was on the first day you got it. Click now to download Clean Droid and experience the benefits of a clean and fast Android device.


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