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Parental Control SecureKids

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Package ID:com.securekids.launcher_reloaded

Developer:Grupo Deidev

  • Introduction

Parental Control SecureKids is the ultimate tool for managing your child's activity on their Android device. With this app, you can easily control and monitor how and when your child uses their smartphone. From limiting website access to tracking their location, this app gives you complete control and peace of mind. You can even set personalized alarms and receive detailed statistics on their phone usage. With Parental Control SecureKids, you can block unwanted websites and apps, restrict calls from unknown numbers, and ensure your child's safety without ever touching their phone. Download now and keep your child safe with this powerful app.

Features of Parental Control SecureKids:

- Activity Monitoring: Keep an eye on your child's activity on their Android smartphone, including websites they visit, apps they use, and calls they receive and send.

- Website and App Restrictions: Limit access to specific websites and apps, ensuring your child only uses appropriate content.

- Location Tracking: Know the whereabouts of your child at any given moment with real-time location tracking on a map.

- Personalized Alarms: Set up alarms and notifications to receive detailed information on how your child uses their smartphone.

- Usage Statistics: Get insights into how often your child uses their phone and which apps they spend the most time on, helping you identify excessive usage.

- Remote Control: Block access to unwanted websites, prevent installation of certain apps, and restrict calls from unknown or unwanted contacts, all without physically accessing your child's smartphone.


Parental Control SecureKids is the ultimate tool for parents to manage and monitor their child's smartphone activity. With features like activity monitoring, website and app restrictions, location tracking, personalized alarms, usage statistics, and remote control, this app provides a comprehensive solution to ensure your child's safety and responsible phone usage. Download Parental Control SecureKids now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is protected.


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  • Doesn't work after switch off and switch on again
    2024-05-05 13:27:23
  • Really awsome app for parental control and controllong other apps for children
    2024-05-04 15:56:39
  • Great app for parental control to monitor kids. Highly recommended
    2024-05-04 12:09:56
  • I am in a different country and secure kids is asking for an authentication in order to connect to wifii but I have no internet so it has locked me out of internet, I dont know what to do
    2024-05-04 02:59:30
  • im jusy kidding this app os great and easy to use and helps control kids phones
    2024-05-03 15:24:08
  • Terrible! Can't uninstall it.
    2024-05-03 00:27:19