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Prey Anti Theft

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Package ID:com.prey

Developer:Prey Inc.

  • Introduction

Prey Anti Theft is the ultimate tool to protect your Android device from loss or theft. With the ability to install the app on up to three devices, you'll never have to worry about losing your precious phone again. The standout feature of Prey Anti Theft is its ability to pinpoint the exact location of your missing device, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, you can retrieve screenshots and pictures taken by the device, play a noise to locate it, or display a custom alert on the screen. And if all else fails, you have the option to brick your Android. Download Prey Anti Theft now and never lose your Android again.

Features of Prey Anti Theft:

- Device Tracking: Prey Anti Theft allows you to track the exact location of your lost or stolen Android device. This feature helps you to quickly locate your device and increase the chances of recovering it.

- Remote Control: With Prey Anti Theft, you can remotely control your device even if it is in silent mode. You can make it play a loud noise, making it easier to find in case it is misplaced nearby.

- Screen Alert: The app enables you to display a custom alert on the screen of your device. This feature can be helpful in notifying the person who finds your device about how to return it to you.

- Screenshot and Picture Capture: Prey Anti Theft allows you to remotely capture screenshots or pictures taken by your device. This feature can provide valuable information about the person who has your device, aiding in its recovery.

- Device Bricking: As a last resort, if you are unable to access your device or retrieve it, Prey Anti Theft offers the option to remotely brick your Android. This feature ensures that your personal data remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

- Multi-Device Support: You can install Prey Anti Theft on up to three different devices. This means that if one of your devices is lost or stolen, you can use the remaining devices to help locate it.


Prey Anti Theft is an exceptional security app that provides a comprehensive set of features to protect your Android device from loss or theft. Its ability to track the exact location, remotely control the device, and capture screenshots or pictures greatly increases the chances of recovering your device. Additionally, the option to display a custom alert and remotely brick your Android ensures the safety of your personal data. With multi-device support, Prey Anti Theft offers a reliable solution for safeguarding your Android devices. Download now to enhance the security of your Android and have peace of mind.


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