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Package ID:com.powertools.fast.cleaner

Developer:DSM Apps

  • Introduction

FCleaner is the ultimate cleaning and maintenance app for your Android device. With just one tap, you can detect and remove redundant apps, optimize storage by removing junk files, and close all background apps to improve device performance. But that's not all! FCleaner also features a notification blocker, perfect for blocking those annoying and unnecessary notifications from apps and games. Keep your Android device clean and tidy with FCleaner. Download now and experience the power of optimizing your device's performance. Please note that FCleaner cannot fix a damaged or faulty device.

Features of FCleaner:

- Redundant App Detection and Removal: FCleaner can scan your Android device and identify unnecessary apps that are taking up storage space. With a single tap, you can easily remove these apps and free up memory.

- Overall Performance Improvement: By optimizing storage and closing background apps, FCleaner helps improve the overall performance of your device. It ensures that your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

- Junk File Cleanup: FCleaner identifies and displays all the junk files present in your device's memory. You can safely remove these files, freeing up valuable storage space without worrying about losing important data.

- Notification Blocker: FCleaner offers a useful notification blocker feature, especially for apps and games that bombard you with unimportant or excessive notifications. You can customize the settings to block notifications during specific times, such as at night.

- User-Friendly Interface: FCleaner has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features. The app provides clear information about storage usage, memory status, and junk files, allowing you to make informed decisions.

- Device Maintenance: FCleaner helps you keep your Android device clean and tidy by providing essential maintenance features. It ensures that your device remains optimized and performs at its best.


Download FCleaner to optimize the performance of your Android device effortlessly. With its powerful features, including redundant app removal, junk file cleanup, and notification blocking, FCleaner helps you free up storage space, improve device speed, and maintain a clutter-free experience. While it cannot fix hardware issues, FCleaner is an effective tool for enhancing your device's performance and ensuring a smooth user experience. Click now to download FCleaner and enjoy a cleaner and faster Android device.


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