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3D Functions Plotter

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  • Introduction

The 3D Functions Plotter App is the ultimate tool for visualizing any function in space. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can explore and understand complex functions like never before. One standout feature is the ability to change the color of the function based on its value, making it easier to distinguish its shape and adding a vibrant touch to the plot. Real-time lighting enhances the visual experience, while the touchable 360-degree camera and zoom allow you to view the function from every angle. You can even switch between real and complex numbers, and explore the real and imaginary parts of the function. Customize the axis size and enjoy the convenience of a specialized mathematical keyboard. Don't miss out on this powerful plotting tool that is sure to amaze and assist you in your mathematical journey.

Features of 3D Functions Plotter:

❤️ Function Visualization: The app allows you to plot any function in the space, focusing on the dependent variable z or f(x, y).

❤️ Color-coded Function: The app changes the color of the function based on the value of z, making it easy to distinguish and enhancing its appearance.

❤️ Real-time Lighting: The app provides real-time lighting, adding depth and realism to the plotted function.

❤️ Interactive Camera: With a touchable 360-degree camera and zoom functionality, you can easily maneuver and view the function from any angle in real-time.

❤️ Real and Complex Numbers: The app allows you to switch between real and complex numbers, providing flexibility in analyzing different types of functions.

❤️ Representation of Real and Imaginary Parts: It displays the real and imaginary parts of the function separately, helping you understand the complex behavior of the function.


With the 3D Functions Plotter App, you can visually explore and analyze any function with ease. Its color-coded representation, real-time lighting, and interactive camera make the plots vibrant and realistic. The option to switch between real and complex numbers, along with the display of real and imaginary parts, adds versatility to studying various types of functions. Download the app now and experience a visually pleasing and efficient way of understanding mathematical functions.


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  • Cool app
    2024-05-30 16:34:20
  • Amazes me everytime!!
    2024-05-30 03:39:57
  • Ammazing
    2024-05-29 04:28:02
  • It is interesting and educational
    2024-05-29 04:26:09
  • Very True i am fan of it
    2024-05-29 02:41:34
  • Great app, but I don't like advertisements. I would be grateful if you offered a charged-for version, without any ads.
    2024-05-28 09:28:31