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Traffic Signs Turkey Test

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Introducing the Traffic Signs Turkey Test App, an essential tool for anyone seeking to master the knowledge of road signs in the Republic of Turkey. With the newly added Traffic Signs Test and Exam module, comprising of 30 thought-provoking questions, you can now enhance your understanding of these crucial signs. Conveniently organized into five distinct categories, including Hazard Warning, Traffic Regulation, Information, Stop and Park, and Horizontal Marking signs, you can easily navigate through the app's user-friendly menu. Plus, there's no need for internet usage, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you're preparing for your driver's license exam or simply sharpening your driving skills, this app has got you covered with its comprehensive Traffic Test, Exam, Driver Course, Traffic Trainers, and Driving License Exam Questions.

Features of Traffic Signs Turkey Test:

⭐️ Comprehensive Traffic Signs Test: The app offers a module with 30 questions to test your knowledge of current Republic of Turkey's traffic signs. This thorough test helps you prepare for the actual exam.

⭐️ Categorized Traffic Signs: The traffic signs are conveniently presented in 5 groups, namely Hazard Warning Signs, Traffic Regulation Signs, Information Signs, Stop and Park Signs, and Horizontal Marking. Each group can be easily accessed from the menu, allowing you to focus on specific areas.

⭐️ Offline Accessibility: Unlike many other apps, this one does not require an internet connection to function. You can access all the content, including the test module, traffic signs, and other features, anytime and anywhere.

⭐️ Traffic Test and Exam: The app provides both a test and exam feature, essentially offering a comprehensive training program. By taking the test, you can assess your understanding of traffic signs, and then move on to the exam module to simulate real exam conditions.

⭐️ Driver Course Materials: This app includes driver course materials to provide you with in-depth knowledge and guidance. It serves as a valuable resource to enhance your understanding of traffic rules and regulations.

⭐️ Driver's License Exam Questions: The app offers a wide range of driver's license exam questions to help you thoroughly prepare for the actual exam. By practicing these questions, you can boost your confidence and greatly increase your chances of passing the exam.


Get ready to ace your traffic signs test and exam with the Traffic Signs Turkey Test App! This user-friendly app offers a comprehensive set of features, including a thorough test module, categorized traffic signs, offline accessibility, driver course materials, exam simulation, and a wide range of practice questions. With its easy-to-use interface and invaluable resources, this app is a must-have for anyone seeking to obtain their driver's license. Click here to download now and ensure success in your driving journey!


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