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  • Introduction

The bTaskee Partner App is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the domestic help industry in Vietnam. This app allows housekeepers to connect with a vast network of customers without any service fees. The system automatically evaluates and sends job offers to the housekeepers, who can then choose the ones that suit their preferences in terms of time, location, and price. Currently, bTaskee offers various types of tasks such as hourly housekeeping, cooking, laundry, air conditioning maintenance, and room cleaning. As a bTaskee partner, you can enjoy high monthly income, flexible working hours, and the freedom to work for multiple customers. Join bTaskee Partner now and experience the best benefits in the industry!

Features of bTaskee Partner:

* Connects domestic helpers with a large customer network: The app allows domestic helpers to connect with bTaskee's extensive customer network without any service fees.

* Automatic job assessment and assignment: The system automatically evaluates and sends job assignments to the domestic helpers.

* Flexibility in choosing suitable jobs: Domestic helpers can choose and accept jobs that match their preferences regarding time, location, and price.

* Wide range of available tasks: It offers various tasks for collaboration, including hourly household help, family cooking, laundry, air conditioning maintenance, and room cleaning.

* High monthly income potential: With a rate of 60,000 VND/hour, each domestic helper can earn between 7-10 million VND per month. Active and diligent workers have the opportunity to earn even more.

* Independence from relying on a single customer: With bTaskee's extensive customer network, domestic helpers can work for multiple clients without depending on a single customer.


Joining bTaskee Partner as a domestic helper provides numerous benefits. The app connects you with a wide customer network, offers flexible job choices, and provides the potential for a high monthly income. Moreover, you will have the independence to work on your own terms without relying on a single customer. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy these advantages by becoming a bTaskee collaborator. Click here to download the app and start your journey towards a better working experience.


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