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  • Introduction

Taxia Conductor is the ultimate app for a safe and secure taxi experience. With this app, you can easily earn points for every ride you take and even share your route with friends and family. What's more, you can redeem your points with our trusted business partners, giving you exclusive discounts and rewards. And that's not all! You can also track your taxi in real-time, ensuring you always know its exact location. Endorsed by the Ministry of Transport in Colombia, Taxia Conductor is available in various cities, including Bogotá, Pereira, and Santa Marta, as well as international destinations like Aruba and Panama. Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary taxi rides with Taxia Conductor!

Features of Taxia Conductor:

❤️ Safe transportation: This app provides a safe way to travel by taxi, ensuring the security of users.

❤️ Point system: Users can earn points for their taxi requests, which can be redeemed for various rewards.

❤️ Share your route: The app allows users to share their taxi route with their friends and family, ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind for loved ones.

❤️ Commercial partners: The app offers a network of commercial partners where users can redeem their earned points for various products or services.

❤️ Real-time vehicle tracking: Users can monitor the position of their taxi in real-time, ensuring transparency and accountability for both the driver and the passenger.

❤️ Availability in multiple cities: The app is available in various cities, including Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Bogotá, and more, making it convenient for users to use the app wherever they are.


With Taxia Conductor App, you can travel safely with the assurance of the Colombian Ministry of Transport. Earn points with every trip, share your route for added security, redeem points with commercial partners, track your taxi in real-time, and enjoy the convenience of this app in multiple cities. Download now to experience the best and safest way to travel by taxi.


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  • Thank you so much
    2024-05-29 03:04:13
  • Por qué me llegan mensajes a mi celular de esta app si yo no me he inscrito con ustedes?
    2024-05-27 20:49:42