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Chord Guitar Full Offline

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Discover the ultimate tool for guitarists with the Chord Guitar Full Offline app! This app offers an extensive collection of over 80,000 chords from more than 8,000 artists and bands. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you'll find chords for every level, from basic to expert. The app allows you to play chords and lyrics with various instruments such as guitar, banjo, bass, and more. With the TRANSPOSER feature, you can easily change the key of the chords to match your preference. Additionally, the app includes a wide range of genres, from pop and rock to jazz and blues. Start exploring the world of chords today with this comprehensive and easy-to-use app!

Features of Chord Guitar Full Offline:

> Full Offline Access: The app allows users to access and view over 80,000 guitar chords and lyrics without an internet connection. This means that users can practice and play their favorite songs anytime, anywhere.

> Autoscroll with Customize Speed Control: The app offers an autoscroll feature with customizable speed control, making it easier for users to follow along with the chords and lyrics as they play their instrument.

> Sorting and Filtering Options: Users can easily navigate and find the chords and lyrics they are looking for with sorting options such as alphabetic A-Z listing, band/artist listing, and title listing. Additionally, the app provides a filtering feature for quick and efficient chord and lyric searches.

> Transposer Feature: With the transposer feature, users can easily change the key of a song by using the capo button. This allows musicians to adapt the chords to their preferred vocal range or playing style.

> Top Song Chart Hits and Most Frequently Played Singles: The app includes a home area that features the top song chart hits and the most frequently played singles worldwide. This provides users with a convenient way to discover popular songs and expand their repertoire.

> Chord History: The app now includes a new feature called chord history, which allows users to keep track of the chords they have recently viewed or played. This makes it easier for users to revisit and practice their favorite songs.


With the Chord Guitar Full Offline App, musicians of all levels can enhance their skills and enjoy playing their favorite songs. This user-friendly app offers a wide range of features including offline access, autoscroll, sorting and filtering options, transposer, top song chart hits, and chord history. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this app provides a comprehensive collection of chords and lyrics from various genres and artists. Download now to unlock a world of musical possibilities!


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  • Good....help me for singing
    2024-05-30 05:55:25
  • Very excellence app
    2024-05-28 22:45:14
  • Pls update regularly thank you
    2024-05-28 14:15:06
  • Nice app. Been using this a few years now
    2024-05-28 12:52:29
  • add the guitar tab please !!!
    2024-05-28 05:34:32
  • amazing application, I love it
    2024-05-28 00:13:51