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Madina Live Wallpaper

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Package ID:next.wt.allah.madina.livewallpaper


  • Introduction

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Madina with the captivating Madina Live Wallpaper app. Experience high-quality animations and realistic bubble effects that bring your background to life. With a wide variety of stunning Madina backgrounds, this app showcases the world's most beautiful pictures of Madina in one convenient place. The 3D particle effects add an extra touch of coolness to your live wallpaper. Plus, you can customize your bubbles with different colors and even use your own images for a personalized touch. Compatible with almost all mobile devices, this app ensures that your battery won't be drained while it's inactive. Upgrade your wallpaper game with Madina Live Wallpaper today!

Features of Madina Live Wallpaper:

1) High quality animation and realistic bubble floating on background.

2) Multiple beautiful Madina backgrounds to choose from.

3) Full HD graphics with 10 free Madina backgrounds.

4) Compatible with 99% of mobile phone devices.

5) Battery-friendly - the app will sleep when phone is inactive.

6) Customizable bubbles with different colors and shapes available.


Experience the beauty of Madina on your Android phone with the amazing Madina Live Wallpaper app. Immerse yourself in the high quality animation and realistic bubble effects that float on the background. Choose from a variety of stunning Madina backgrounds and enjoy the Full HD graphics. This app is compatible with almost all mobile phone devices and is designed to be battery-friendly. Customize the bubbles with different colors and shapes, and even use your own image for the bubble. Download the Madina Live Wallpaper app now and enhance your phone's visual appeal.


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