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  • Introduction

The Prayer Time Reminder app is a must-have for all Muslims seeking accurate prayer times and reminders. This app not only provides precise prayer times for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha, but it also sends notifications with the beautiful voice of the Azan to alert you when it's time to pray. Whether you're in a familiar location or a new place, this app uses GPS to automatically determine your current location. You can even customize the reminder settings to fit your preferences. Additionally, the app offers a wealth of resources for learning and improving your Salah, including step-by-step pictorials and translations of prayers. Don't miss another prayer with the Prayer Time Reminder app by your side.

Features of Prayer Time Reminder:

❤️ Prayer Times and Azan Notifications: The app provides accurate prayer times and sends notifications with the Azan (call to prayer) to remind users to perform Namaz (Islamic prayer) on time.

❤️ Prayer Guide with Pictures: Along with prayer times, the app also offers a visual guide on how to perform prayers, including step-by-step pictures. It helps users, especially beginners, to learn and perform prayers correctly.

❤️ Arabic and English Transcription: In addition to the visual guide, the app provides the Arabic and English Transcription of the entire Namaz (prayer). This feature helps users understand the meanings and recite prayers accurately.

❤️ Personalized Prayer Reminders: Users can personalize the prayer reminder notifications for each prayer time. They can set the preferences for when and how they want to be notified, ensuring they never miss a prayer.

❤️ Automatic Location Detection: The app automatically determines the user's current location using GPS, ensuring precise prayer times for their specific location. Users can also manually add latitude and longitude if needed.

❤️ Additional Features: The app includes extra features like 6 Kalmas (simple Islamic phrases) for learning purposes and various adhan voice options to customize the prayer experience according to user preferences.


Prayer Time Reminder app is a must-have for all Muslims seeking accurate prayer times and reminders. With its easy-to-use features, including prayer time notifications, visual guides, Arabic-English Transcription, personalized reminders, automatic location detection, and additional learning resources, this app ensures that users can perform their prayers on time and with precision. Download the Prayer Time Reminder app now and enhance your prayer journey.


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