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Introducing the innovative My Muscle Anatomy app, the ultimate tool for studying muscle anatomy. With this app, users can delve into the intricate details of muscles by rotating a 360° model, zooming in for a closer look, and exploring every angle with ease. The app offers a range of features that make learning an interactive experience, such as the ability to select and view muscles individually, activate an x-ray view for a deeper understanding, and even hide and show specific muscles. Additionally, users can draw or write directly on the screen, share screenshots with ease, and listen to audio pronunciations for all anatomical terms. This app is not only a valuable resource for medical students, but for anyone seeking a comprehensive and visually stunning exploration of muscle anatomy. With its user-friendly interface and highly realistic 3D models, My Muscle Anatomy sets a new standard for educational apps in the field.

Features of My Muscle Anatomy:

❤️ 360° Rotation, Zoom, and Pan: Users can explore the highly realistic 3D model of muscle anatomy from any angle and zoom in to examine the details.

❤️ Selection Mode: Users can select each muscle separately to view its name and access related information, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of muscle anatomy.

❤️ Xray Mode: This feature enables users to visualize the muscles in an x-ray view, providing a unique perspective and aiding in the study of muscle structure.

❤️ Hide and Show Mode: Users have the ability to hide or show individual muscles, allowing for a more focused study of specific muscle groups.

❤️ Animation Mode: The app offers an animation feature that demonstrates muscle movements and interactions, enhancing the learning experience and providing a dynamic representation of muscle anatomy.

❤️ Audio Pronunciation and Info Panel: Users can listen to audio pronunciations of anatomical terms and access a detailed info panel for additional information, facilitating better understanding and retention of muscle anatomy.


The My Muscle Anatomy App is an essential tool for medical students and anyone interested in exploring muscle anatomy in detail. With its user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and highly realistic 3D model, users can rotate, zoom, and pan to examine the muscles from every angle. The selection mode, x-ray mode, and hide and show mode allow for a comprehensive study of muscle structure, while the animation mode brings the muscles to life by showcasing their movements. The app also provides audio pronunciation for anatomical terms and an info panel for additional information. Download now to enhance your knowledge of muscle anatomy with this feature-rich and visually engaging app.


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