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Stay informed and up-to-date with The Star's news app! From local and global coverage to breaking news and in-depth investigations, this app has it all. With the ability to personalize your news feed and choose your preferred communities for local coverage, you'll receive the stories that matter most to you. Plus, listen to engaging podcasts on sports, news, and business. Whether you're interested in provincial, national, or international news, this app has it all. Stay connected with the latest in sports, business, and entertainment, and enjoy opinions and commentary from top columnists. Download now and never miss a headline.

Features of The Star:

> Comprehensive News Coverage: The app provides complete breaking and up-to-the-minute news and story coverage, ensuring users stay informed about the latest events and issues.

> MyLocal Tab: Users can select up to seven communities and receive coverage on local news, issues, and events specific to their chosen communities. This feature keeps users connected to their local area.

> Podcasts: The app offers a variety of daily and weekly podcasts on sports, news, and business. Users can stay updated on the go by listening to these podcasts, including the new Canada's Top podcast "Suspicion - The Billionaire Murders."

> Personalized Recommendations: The app features a "For You" section that recommends stories based on the articles users have previously read. This ensures users get relevant content tailored to their interests.

> In-depth Reporting and Investigations: The app provides in-depth reporting from The Star's investigations team, delivering insightful and thorough coverage of important issues.

> Coverage across Various Topics: The app covers provincial, national, and international stories, as well as feature articles on sports, business, entertainment, and opinion pieces from columnists.


Download The Star app now to access the best features of The Star's website right at your fingertips. Stay informed with complete news coverage, personalized recommendations, and in-depth reporting. Get connected to your local community with the MyLocal tab, and stay updated on the go with podcasts. Experience a comprehensive news app that keeps you informed about topics that matter. Click here to download now and be part of The Star's readership. Stay informed, stay connected, and stay ahead with the app.


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  • 19.99 is just plain crazy. Used to read this daily, now will just delete it. When the price becomes reasonable I will subscribe. Washington Post is only $10. Globe did a one year special for less than $7 month. That's reasonable. Not paying $20 for a handful of stories per day. Rip off.
    2024-05-31 09:55:59
  • I wanted to get a different perspective than the Government run cbc. Very disappointed. For me, this paper holds the Government narrative... I might as well just get the cbc app... at least it is free. It is extremely disappointing as a Canadian that i have to search hard, including going to news sources from other countries to get different perspectives and information as to what is happening in the country. Wont be renewing my subscription.
    2024-05-31 04:21:37
  • The app is hard to navigate. As a print subscriber it is difficult to access the paper fully, which should be available. Poor layout and design.
    2024-05-29 15:56:14
  • I'm still trying to get used it (using my new Samsung Adroid phone is not easy (cooperative)...
    2024-05-29 09:52:37
  • Paid for a year, but I can't read articles They fixed it, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt
    2024-05-29 03:31:29
  • Poor UI design including inconsistent text sizes and poor navigation. Can't scroll past images or graphics in articles so can't finish most articles. No ability to customize layout or preferred sections.
    2024-05-28 06:56:27