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Neighbium - Society and Apartment Management

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  • Introduction

Neighbium is an innovative and user-friendly app that revolutionizes the management of residential societies. With its cloud-based platform, this app aims to enhance communication, security, and financial management in housing society complexes. This all-in-one solution allows residents to access important documents, receive real-time notifications, and participate in community-building activities. The app also provides a hassle-free resource booking system, complaint management, and a gatekeeper application for improved security. Recognized with multiple awards, this app offers a comprehensive suite of features that truly transform the living experience for apartment complex residents. Try Neighbium today and witness the simplicity and convenience it brings to your community.

Features of Neighbium - Society and Apartment Management:

> Complete Automation: The app offers a comprehensive solution for managing residential societies and apartment complexes. It automates various tasks such as communication, reachability, security, and finance management.

> Third-Party Integration: The app connects with various third-party services to address issues related to society management. This ensures seamless integration and enhances the overall functionality of the app.

> Housing Society Management: The app is specifically designed for housing society management, making it a perfect fit for housing society/apartment complex residents, resident welfare associations, builders/developers, and cooperative banks.

> Award-Winning: The app has been recognized and awarded in multiple categories in 2019 and 2020. These awards include being the budget-friendly apartment and housing society software, customer choice and most popular under apartment and housing society software, best value and user-recommended under top software in the apartment and housing society category, and technology innovator award under the best apartment and community management app.

> Extensive Features: Neighbium offers a wide range of features to address the problems faced by the management committee members. These include managing apartment members, organizing important documents, receiving real-time notifications, publishing notices, creating chat groups, handling maintenance payments, and facilitating easy resource booking.

> Enhanced Security: The app includes a gatekeeper application for managing apartment visitors. It provides features like apartment-to-apartment data call, delivery management, emergency calls, approval/rejection of visitors, and overstays alerts for improved security.


Neighbium is a powerful and user-friendly app that revolutionizes society management. It simplifies various tasks, improves communication, enhances security measures, and provides a seamless living experience in apartment complexes. Download today to efficiently manage your society and connect with fellow residents.


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  • Easy of use and quite complete with the micro services which are needed to efficiently maintain the communication.
    2024-05-31 17:27:49
  • Neighbium made our tracking of income, expenses, visitors, weekly meetings Etc and much more very easy. Residents are appreciated the simplicity and ease of use.
    2024-05-31 08:21:39
  • Few things, i cannot download data of expenses, members cannot view expenses , is there anyway members can also see monthly expenses occured in building maintenance? Rest seems to be good
    2024-05-30 11:04:52
  • Just what we wanted for our society. It generates invoices as well. I am still exploring all options but what I have already seen is already good enough.
    2024-05-30 06:43:24
  • Raising invoice for specific group of flats is not straight forward. You can give an option to select multiple flats using checkbox and send the invoice.
    2024-05-28 18:18:34
  • A complete app for a decently sized society with less than 20 flats to manage society with almost necessary features and easy to navigate.
    2024-05-28 07:59:54