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  • Introduction

Introducing Mokaro, the revolutionary app that brings farmers and planters the essential information they need to make informed decisions and succeed in their agricultural endeavors. With Mokaro, planters can enhance their planning process by gaining valuable insights on new plantations, irrigation strategies, and other field activities. Stay up-to-date with the latest weather updates, agricultural news, and relevant alerts that can greatly impact your production and management. Mokaro even provides a comprehensive calendar of activities and events, allowing you to actively participate in stakeholder gatherings. Need to contact input suppliers or service providers? Mokaro makes it simple to locate and communicate directly with them, ensuring you always have the resources you need. Never miss a beat in your farming journey with this app.

Features of Mokaro:

⭐️ Information for improved decision-making: The app provides planters with valuable information to make better choices regarding new plantations, irrigation, and other field activities. By accessing this information, farmers can optimize their agricultural practices for higher productivity.

⭐️ Weather updates: Farmers can stay informed about the current weather conditions, allowing them to plan their agricultural activities accordingly. This feature helps in minimizing risks and maximizing yields by adapting farming techniques based on weather patterns.

⭐️ Agricultural news and alerts: The app keeps farmers updated with the latest agricultural news and alerts. This feature ensures that farmers are aware of any developments in the industry that may impact their production or management practices.

⭐️ Calendar of activities and events: The app provides a calendar that informs planters about upcoming activities and events related to agriculture. This helps farmers to be aware of stakeholder activities and enables them to participate and network effectively.

⭐️ Direct communication with suppliers and service providers: With this app, planters can easily locate and directly communicate with input suppliers and service providers. This feature streamlines the process of accessing necessary resources and assistance when required, ensuring smoother operations on the farm.

⭐️ Registration of suppliers and service providers: The app allows input suppliers, service providers, and operators to register themselves, making it convenient for farmers to access their services. This feature promotes a strong network and seamless collaboration between farmers and suppliers.


Get Mokaro, the ultimate agriculture companion that empowers farmers with essential information and tools. From improved decision-making to weather updates, latest news, alerts, and direct communication with suppliers, this app has it all. Stay ahead in the field by planning new plantations, deciding irrigation strategies, and accessing a comprehensive calendar of agricultural events. Download now and optimize your farming practices for success.


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