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OsMoDroid for OsMo — Tracker

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  • Introduction

Introducing our revolutionary OsMoDroid for OsMo — Tracker app, Tracker! Say goodbye to the days of getting lost or worrying about your loved ones' whereabouts. Our app enhances the OsMo service, empowering you with its incredible features. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly transfer coordinates to the server in real-time, ensuring seamless communication. Going on a hike? No problem! Activate the hiking mode and let the app automatically transmit your coordinates at set intervals. Plus, you can easily join groups, view their members, and explore captivating content on the map. With Tracker, you'll never miss out on exciting adventures or lose track of your friends again. And don't worry if you encounter issues with running the app in the background, simply follow the instructions on dontkillmyapp.com for an optimized experience. Embrace the future of tracking with Tracker!

Features of OsMoDroid for OsMo — Tracker:

❤️ Coordinate Transfer: The app offers a two-way communication with the server, allowing users to easily transfer their coordinates in real-time.

❤️ Hiking Mode: Users can transmit their coordinates at regular intervals, even without an active connection. The app records the original track file locally and sends it to the server once a connection is established.

❤️ Permalink Management: The app provides a convenient way to manage permalinks, making it easy to share locations with others.

❤️ Group Joining: Users have the option to join various groups and view the members and content of those groups on a map.

❤️ Track Viewing: In the "Tracks" section, users can access and view their saved trips on the server, allowing them to reminisce about their past adventures.

❤️ Background Operation: The app addresses potential issues with background operation by offering instructions from dontkillmyapp.com. It helps users ensure that their smartphones are optimized for uninterrupted app use, even with the screen off.


With the OsMoDroid for OsMo — Tracker App, you can enjoy a wide range of features offered by the OsMo service. Easily transfer your coordinates in real-time, share your location with others, and join interesting groups. The app also allows you to view and relive past trips conveniently. Don't worry about background operation issues, as the app provides helpful instructions to optimize your smartphone settings. Download now to enhance your tracking experience.


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