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  • Introduction

Introducing the Bharatavani App, a revolutionary project by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in India. Developed by the Central Institute of Indian Languages, this app is part of the Bharatavani Multilingual Knowledge Portal. With a goal of providing knowledge in over 120 Indian languages, the app sources its data from various dictionaries published on the Bharatavani portal. Offering access to over 40 text-based dictionaries and plans to digitize 100 more, this app is a treasure trove for language enthusiasts. Simply type in a word in English, Hindi, or any language, and explore the vast array of results. You can even browse dictionaries alphabetically and get words transliterated into your preferred language script. Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!

Features of Bharatavani:

- Multilingual Knowledge Portal: The Bharatavani App is part of a larger multilingual knowledge portal that aims to provide knowledge in over 120 Indian languages. Users can access a wide range of information in various languages.

- Data from published dictionaries: The App sources its data from dictionaries that have been published on the Bharatavani portal. These dictionaries have been contributed by various government and non-government institutions, ensuring a comprehensive collection of language resources.

- Accessibility of dictionaries: The App offers over 40 text-based dictionaries that are readily available for usage. Additionally, there are 100 more dictionaries available on the portal in book formats, which will be digitized and added to the App in the near future.

- Easy word search: Users can easily search for a word by typing it in English, Hindi, or any other language. The App will provide a list of available results, making it convenient for users to find the information they need.

- Alphabetical browsing: The App provides an option for users to browse dictionaries alphabetically. This feature allows users to explore different words and expand their vocabulary in their preferred language.

- Transliteration option: Users can choose to have their desired word transliterated into their preferred language script. This feature helps in understanding and pronouncing words accurately in different languages.


The Bharatavani App is a valuable resource for language enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone looking to explore and learn in multiple Indian languages. With its extensive collection of dictionaries, easy word search, alphabetical browsing, and transliteration option, the App offers a user-friendly and comprehensive experience. Download now to expand your language knowledge and enhance your communication skills.


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  • It is not working from past months..... Still whats doing department....?
    2024-06-01 06:49:54
  • Nothing is there... Don't download
    2024-06-01 05:21:29
  • Cannot browse the dictionary
    2024-05-29 23:54:22
  • Not getting meaning for most of the kannada words
    2024-05-29 22:04:12
  • It's not working
    2024-05-29 13:25:01
  • its very slow....
    2024-05-29 05:27:19