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Mobile Connect To TV USB

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  • Introduction

The Mobile Connect To TV USB app is the ultimate solution for Android users seeking to connect their phone or tablet to their TV seamlessly. With this innovative software, you can conveniently connect your TV to your Android device or use card readers to access all your phone's information with just a few simple steps. Whether you want to watch movies or play games, this app allows you to enjoy them on a much larger screen. Even if your tablet lacks an HDMI output, you can still connect it to an HDMI splitter using an MHL adapter. Experience the joy of displaying your tablet screen on your TV with ease.

Features of Mobile Connect To TV USB:

- Easy Connectivity: The app allows you to easily connect your Android phone or tablet to your TV via a USB cable or HDMI cable.

- Phone Information Access: Once connected, you can use the app to access and display your phone or tablet's information on your TV screen. This includes viewing photos, videos, and even browsing your phone's files.

- Seamless Media Streaming: With this app, you can enjoy watching movies and playing games directly on your TV. Simply connect your phone to the TV and open the app to start streaming your favorite content.

- Tablet Screen Mirroring: If you have a tablet with an HDMI output, you can use the app to mirror your tablet's screen on the TV. This allows you to effortlessly share presentations, photos, and videos with a larger audience.

- Compatibility: The app supports various Android devices and is compatible with most TVs. It also works with card readers, making it easy to access content from external storage devices.

- Additional Connection Options: In case your Android tablet does not have an HDMI output, the app provides an alternative solution. You can connect an MHL adapter to an HDMI splitter, allowing you to connect your tablet to the TV hassle-free.


The Mobile Connect To TV USB App offers a range of user-friendly features that enable seamless connectivity between your Android device and TV. Whether you want to view phone information, stream media, mirror your tablet's screen, or connect external storage devices, this app provides a convenient solution. Download the app now to enhance your TV viewing experience and enjoy effortless content sharing.


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  • Instalación was going great until asked for credit card info. Really what for. No thank you.
    2024-06-02 04:31:57
  • Garbage and doesn't work. Force closes whenever even trying
    2024-05-31 03:53:31
  • app is just a click bait app, does nothing and just tries to get paid off ads
    2024-05-30 01:11:14
  • dumbest app ever . does nothing except show ads . COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME !
    2024-05-29 23:24:45
  • Worthless, does not work, keeps crashing, DO NOT INSTALL!
    2024-05-29 04:19:31
  • More useless junk, recognizes devices, but app keeps crashing.
    2024-05-28 05:53:08