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IELTS Speaking - Prep Exam

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  • Introduction

Prepare for the IELTS Speaking exam from the comfort of your own home with the IELTS Speaking - Prep Exam app. This app provides a comprehensive range of features to help you improve your speaking band score. With sample answers for cue card topics, a mockup speaking test, and a range of speaking vocabulary, you'll have all the tools you need to succeed. What sets this app apart is the ability to record and save your answers, allowing you to track your progress and refine your speaking skills. With easy access to cue cards and a wide range of ideas for the speaking test, you'll never be short on inspiration. Plus, the app offers a dark mode for ease of use. Download the app today and kickstart your IELTS preparation journey!

Features of IELTS Speaking - Prep Exam:

❤️ Cue Card with sample answers: Get access to cue cards and their sample answers to enhance your preparation for the IELTS Speaking test.

❤️ Mockup IELTS Speaking Test: Practice for the actual IELTS Speaking test with simulated mock tests that provide a realistic experience.

❤️ Speaking Vocabulary: Explore 30 different topics to expand your speaking vocabulary and improve your fluency.

❤️ Speaking with audio: Engage in learning through 75 audio samples that help you understand pronunciation and intonation.

❤️ Record and save your answer: Record your responses to practice questions and save them for later review to track your progress.


IELTS Speaking - Prep Exam offers a variety of useful features, including cue cards with sample answers, mock tests, a speaking vocabulary section, audio samples, and the ability to record and save your answers. With this app, you can enhance your speaking skills and achieve a higher band score from the comfort of your home. Download the app now and kickstart your IELTS preparation journey today!


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  • This app is boon for evry1 who's struggling in ielts cue cards... It has everythingg u need... I really appreciate u guys for making such a wonderfull app... I wish u could create similar apps for the other modules as well.. thnx
    2024-05-31 19:04:16
  • It covered writing skill else speaking, there are vital expresion which are prominent. All in all, before take main exam, studying this is umpressive.
    2024-05-28 19:13:51
  • Repetitive content. The actual questions they offer are around 300. Every once in a while, you will see question that you have practiced before. I felt like I got scammed. $2 is not much but the developer didn't deliver what they advertise. Please be aware that many reviews that praise this app aren't even from real users, or at least ones who ACTUALLY use this app.
    2024-05-28 17:40:58
  • I have given 5 stars coz I literally liked this app ..really helpful...great work @developers!,but Itwould be the best If we could interact with a person with same questions offline .that would me us feel like we are really having a conversation ....
    2024-05-27 23:49:34
  • This app is very helpful for learning english. Last of all i would like to say. It's amazing app to learn english and to learn speak english for everyone .
    2024-05-27 20:09:38
  • I have a very good experience with it. I would love to recommend it to the students and the persons who want to go abroad and pass IELTS with 6,7,8 bands
    2024-05-27 08:34:05