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Embark on a journey of discovery with Campernight - camper parking, the go-to app for vanlifers seeking the perfect spots to park and relax. Whether it's a rest stop, overnight stay, or a scenic dining spot, it has your back. Its intuitive interface simplifies location hunting; just use the map or search bar, browse photos and descriptions, and navigate effortlessly or share with friends. The app offers diverse options, from overnight parkings to unique experiences like farm visits. Access essential amenities info like water and electricity, along with weather forecasts and trip planning tools. Contribute to the community by adding spots and reviews. Opt for Campernight Plus for unlimited access. Together, let's redefine vanlife!

Features of Campernight - camper parking:

❤️ Intuitive Interface: The app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find the best spots to park, rest, or enjoy a meal with their van.

❤️ Extensive Search Options: Users can search for parking spots or experiences using either the map or the search bar. This allows them to find exactly what they are looking for and view pictures and descriptions of each place.

❤️ Social Integration: With it, users can easily share their favorite spots with friends and even view the Instagram profiles of the people who posted them. This adds a social aspect to the app and allows users to connect with others in the vanlife community.

❤️ Detailed Information: The app provides comprehensive information about each place, including available services like water, electricity, showers, and wifi. This helps users make informed decisions about where to park and ensures a comfortable stay.

❤️ Variety of Locations: The app offers two types of places to stay - parkings and experiences. Users have the option of choosing a traditional parking spot or exploring unique experiences such as visiting a farm or vineyard. This provides a range of options to cater to different interests.

❤️ Additional Features: The app includes several other useful features, such as a built-in parking assistant to help users park with the best orientation and leveling. Users can also plan their trips by saving favorites and creating routes. Furthermore, they can contribute to the community by adding their own favorite places and sharing their experiences through ratings and reviews.


Download Campernight - camper parking and unlock a world of possibilities for your vanlife adventures. With its intuitive interface, extensive search options, social integration, and detailed information, this app is a must-have for all vanlifers. Discover amazing spots to rest, sleep, or enjoy an activity, and contribute to the community by adding your own favorites. Plan trips, connect with others, and make the most out of your vanlife experience. Don't miss out on the ultimate app for vanlifers - get it now!


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