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  • Introduction

Introducing AppBeleza, the ultimate online management system for salons and beauty spaces. This innovative app revolutionizes the way customers schedule appointments by allowing them to book with ease from a wide range of pre-registered services. With AppBeleza, salon owners can streamline their operations, ensuring a well-organized agenda and optimizing their establishment's processes. But that's not all! This app also offers fantastic benefits for both salon owners and clients, including a rewarding points program, access to online news, a comprehensive appointment history, and precise time management. Don't have an account yet? No worries! Simply locate your AppBeleza accredited salon and request your registration.

Features of AppBeleza:

* Online booking: Clients can easily schedule appointments for different services that are already registered in the app. This feature helps to streamline the salon's agenda and optimize its processes.

* Points program: The app provides a loyalty program that rewards clients with points for their visits and purchases. This incentivizes them to continue using the salon's services.

* News updates: Users can stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the salon through the app. This keeps them informed about any promotions, new services, or special events.

* History tracking: The app keeps a record of the client's previous appointments, making it easy for both the salon and the client to track their history. This feature helps to provide personalized and efficient services.

* Time management: The app allows the salon to have better control over its schedule by providing a tool for managing and monitoring appointment times. This ensures that appointments are properly spaced and avoids overlapping.

* Salon locator: For new users who are not yet registered in the app, they can easily find a registered salon nearby and request their registration. This feature helps to expand the app's user base and promote new salons to potential clients.


AppBeleza is a convenient and efficient salon management app that benefits both salon owners and clients. With features like online booking, loyalty points, news updates, history tracking, time management, and salon locator, this app helps to streamline salon operations and enhance the overall salon experience. Click here to download and start enjoying the benefits of using the AppBeleza.


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