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Package ID:br.com.tour.passenger.drivermachine


  • Introduction

TOUR app provides a reliable and efficient transportation experience with features such as direct line service, real-time tracking, vehicle availability information, familiar drivers, fair pricing, and personalized service. Download now and enjoy the convenience and safety offered by our neighborhood-focused transportation app.

Features of TOUR:

❤️ Direct Line: You have direct access to a customer support line, ensuring prompt solution to any issues you may have.

❤️ Real-time Tracking: The TOUR app allows you to request one of our vehicles and track its movement on the map. You will receive a notification when the car arrives at your doorstep.

❤️ Vehicle Availability: You can easily view all available vehicles near your location, along with their status of being occupied or available. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of our service network.

❤️ Familiar Drivers: Rest assured that you and your family will always be served by drivers who are familiar with your neighborhood, ensuring a sense of security.

❤️ Fair Pricing: Our billing system works similar to regular taxis, where the fare begins once you get in the car. This provides transparency and ensures you only pay for the distance traveled.

❤️ Personalized Service: Unlike other transportation services, you are not just another customer here. As a part of our neighborhood, you are our valued client, receiving personalized attention and care.


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