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Dani y Evan Juegos Llamada Fal

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Package ID:com.batokmagicstudio.prankcalldaniyevan


  • Introduction

Introducing Dani y Evan Juegos Llamada Fal, an app designed for entertainment, allowing you to simulate video calls or fake voice calls as if you're receiving a call from your idols, Dani and Evan. Perfect for surprising friends or adding some flair to your social media posts, this app lets you customize backgrounds and choose between video or voice calls. Simply select your desired Dani and Evan wallpaper, pick a template (FB, WA, TG), set the call time, and hit start. Disclaimer: This fake call app is purely for amusement and not an official tool. It's a fun and fictitious simulation to impress friends or others.

Features of Dani y Evan Juegos Llamada Fal:

> Video and Voice Call Simulation: The app allows you to simulate video and voice calls as if you were receiving them from popular idols Dani and Evan. This feature lets you surprise your friends or show off on social media.

> Customizable Background: You can choose the background wallpaper of Dani and Evan that you prefer. Personalize your simulation to make it more convincing and fun.

> Multiple Templates: The app offers a selection of templates for various messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This allows you to choose the platform that your fake call appears to be coming from.

> Scheduled Calls: You can set the specific time for the fake call to be initiated. This feature adds authenticity to the simulation, making it more believable and entertaining.

> One-Click Start: Once you have set up all the details, simply click the "Start Fake Call" button, and wait for the call from Dani and Evan. This user-friendly feature ensures a seamless experience.

> Disclaimer: The app provides a disclaimer stating that the call simulation is purely for entertainment purposes and not an official application. It emphasizes that it is a 100% fictional prank meant to impress and joke with friends or others.


Download Dani y Evan Juegos Llamada Fal app and enjoy the amusing experience it offers! With its ability to simulate video and voice calls, customizable backgrounds, multiple templates, scheduled calls, one-click start, and a clear disclaimer, it guarantees a fun-filled time. Surprise and impress your friends today!


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