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Hide Photo & Videos - Private

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Package ID:com.galleryvault.VideoLocker


  • Introduction

In today's technology-driven era, privacy and data security are of utmost importance. With the rising concern over the safety of personal photos and videos, the Hide Photo & Videos - Private app provides a fantastic solution. This privacy protection app allows you to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, and other files that you want to keep away from prying eyes. With the ability to hide the app icon itself, this app ensures that your privacy remains absolutely safe. You can import your private images and videos into the secure vault provided by Hide Photo & Videos, leaving no trace of their existence. With advanced security features such as backup and cloud storage, this app is the ultimate vault for your photos and videos. Its user-friendly interface and fast encryption algorithm make it the best choice for those who value their privacy. Take control of your personal data and secure your gallery today with Hide Photo & Videos - Private.

Features of Hide Photo & Videos - Private:

❤️ Privacy Protection: It is an app that allows you to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, and other confidential files that you don't want others to see. It provides fantastic privacy protection to ensure your personal data remains secure.

❤️ App Icon Hide: The app has the option to hide its icon, keeping your privacy absolutely safe. This means that nobody will even know the app exists on your device, providing an additional layer of security.

❤️ Secure Vault: You can import your private images and videos into a secure vault within the app. Once stored in the vault, nobody will be able to access or view them without your permission.

❤️ Advanced Security Features: Hide Photo & Videos - Private offers advanced security features such as backup and cloud storage. These features ensure that your photos and videos are protected even if your device is lost, damaged, or stolen.

❤️ Easy-to-Use Interface: The app has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can quickly and effortlessly hide your images and videos, keeping them away from prying eyes.

❤️ Fast Encryption Algorithm: It is known as the best vault for videos and images because it uses a fast encryption algorithm. This new technology ensures that your files are encrypted quickly and efficiently, without compromising on security.


Hide Photo & Videos - Private is the ultimate app for protecting your privacy and securing your personal photos and videos. With features such as app icon hide, secure vault, advanced security, and fast encryption, this app is the best solution for keeping your valuable files away from unauthorized access. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use, while its advanced security measures ensure that your data remains safe and private. Download now to safeguard your confidential files and have peace of mind.


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  • Unfortunately this app was uninstall, again I'm installe this app, but my private photos not there, how to recover my photos? I think this kind of app is very critical to use.My all private photos was gone. Please give me any solution to recover
    2024-05-27 03:18:29
  • This app is really a great app i so love it and would recommend it to everyone that truly love his or her privecy like me it has really been helpful to me i would give it a thumbs up or rate it a 5 star because it a nice app which i love But the only problem am having with it is that there is no option for backup or restore would really be glad if u give that option in case i loss my phone But apart from that this app is a gooooooooooooooo
    2024-05-26 17:00:10
  • Great App... Very much sarisfied using the app. One question. After installing the app, can we access this app only from playstore or from home screen or file manager also?
    2024-05-26 13:40:52
  • I hide my pics but when i tried to transfer back to gallery the pictures doesn't appeared there and was deleted from vault too. The pictures were really important to me and i really need those pictures please do something regarding my problem Thanks
    2024-05-25 22:10:08
  • It was good at first now it's bad, it's failing to bring back my photos in my public gallery and trying to install it,all my pictures are gone.. work on it
    2024-05-25 17:58:35
  • Ok app ,good graphics ,clear pics,downgraded to 2 stars as video transfers are not working and photos cannot be enlarged..uninstalled
    2024-05-25 16:23:27