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Quran and meaning in English

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Looking to read the Quran and understand its meaning? Look no further than our Quran and Meaning in English app. Designed specifically for Muslims, our app provides an excellent platform for reading the Quran. The best part? You can do it all without an internet connection, completely free and without any annoying ads. Our latest version is equipped with exciting new features, allowing you to easily navigate through the Quran with the find page option, verse by verse reading, and much more. With the ability to customize the text size using zoom buttons and choose between Arabic or English, reading the Quran has never been more convenient. Plus, you can even read in horizontal position on your phone. Download now and embark on your journey of spiritual growth and understanding.

Features of Quran and meaning in English:

- Extensive Quranic Resources: This app offers a vast collection of Quranic verses and meanings in English, providing users with a comprehensive resource for studying and understanding the Quran.

- Offline Reading: Users can download the Quran onto their devices and access it without an internet connection, ensuring convenient and uninterrupted access to the holy text at any time and anywhere.

- User-Friendly Features: With the new version of the app, users can now utilize features such as "find page" and "verse read," making it easy to navigate and locate specific verses or sections within the Quran.

- Customizable Text: The app allows users to adjust the text size to their preference through zoom buttons, ensuring a comfortable reading experience for individuals with varying visual needs.

- Multilingual Support: The app offers the flexibility of reading the Quran in either Arabic or English, catering to users with different linguistic backgrounds and facilitating understanding for non-Arabic speakers.

- Horizontal Reading: The app enables users to read the Quran in a horizontal position, maximizing screen space and enhancing readability for those who prefer this orientation.


Quran and meaning in English app provides a comprehensive and convenient Quranic experience. With its extensive resources, offline reading capability, customizable features, multilingual support, and easy navigation, it offers a valuable tool for Muslims and non-Arabic speakers alike who seek to read and understand the Quran. Download now and embark on a fulfilling journey of Quranic exploration and enlightenment.


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