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HiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it!

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Package ID:com.aige.hipaint


  • Introduction

HiPaint is a fantastic digital painting and drawing app that offers professional tools in a user-friendly interface. With this app, artists can easily create stunning sketches, paintings, and illustrations. The app provides a wide range of brushes, including leaf brushes, air brushes, digital pens, and more, giving artists plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, this app allows for customizable brush parameters, ensuring a realistic and high-quality drawing experience. The app also offers features such as color picking, layer organization, import options, and various finishing effects. With HiPaint, artists can unleash their creativity and take their digital painting journey to new heights.

Features of HiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it!:

- Professional digital painting and drawing tools: The app provides artists with professional tools that are easy to use, allowing them to create excellent sketches, paintings, and illustrations.

- Organized user-friendly interface: The app's user interface is designed to be simple and organized, giving users a larger space to think and create. It also includes quick sliders for easy adjustments of brush thickness and opacity.

- Dark UI interface for finger drawing: The app offers a brand new, simpler, and more powerful dark UI interface, making it perfect for finger drawing.

- Wide range of brushes: With over 90 kinds of common and delicate brushes, including leaf brushes, air brushes, digital pens, and more, this app has the perfect brush for every art project. It also provides customizable brush parameters for better and realistic drawing effects.

- Advanced layer functionality: The app's well-organized layer function interface supports up to 100 layers, making the creation process more efficient. It also offers various layer blend modes and layer group management.

- Additional digital painting tools: The app includes other important digital painting tools such as stabilizer for smooth strokes, shape insertion, canvas flip, import and reference features, stroke stabilization, and clipping mask.


Join the digital painting journey with HiPaint, a professional and easy-to-use app that provides artists with a wide range of tools and features. With its organized user-friendly interface, customizable brushes, advanced layer functionality, and additional digital painting tools, this app is the perfect companion for creating exceptional sketches, paintings, and illustrations. Download now and unleash your creativity!


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  • Wonderful art app with a great set of easy to use but powerful features. The dev is also active and very quick to push fixes for bugs and issues. Highly recommended!
    2024-05-29 03:59:19
  • I haven't had the app very long. I am enjoying the ability to sketch freely with it. There is so much to learn and I'm just starting.
    2024-05-28 16:26:18
  • it's fun no ads! but overall this game doesn't lag amd have any glitches and no need to spend money this game overall is great for artists and beginners to they can practice so my answe is this game is exciting somehow I think it's better them ibis paint hipaint is like procreate but procreate is for Apples but hipaint changed.my life it's even better keep it up hipaint should get famous! And also happy new year
    2024-05-28 08:24:26
  • pretty alright program with actually useful options, still getting use to it and don't know if there are any cases where it doesn't save your work but that is the make or break of if it's a good app honestly (artflow has a big problem of this because of a storage cap with no warning)
    2024-05-27 06:00:31
  • It's one of the bests apps for drawing, like procreate this app give a lot of useful things. One bad thing is.. sometimes it end up slowing the process down, making the canvas almost impossible to use. But without that, the app is amazing.
    2024-05-27 03:08:27
  • Like procreate but crashes. Very intuitive app with many nice features, but it started crashing with less than 5 layers. After that it crashes randomly during sketches. I want it to be better.
    2024-05-26 13:04:23