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Package ID:com.flankzone.Tsupetot

Developer:Alvin Calma

  • Introduction

Introducing Tsupetot, the ultimate app for Philstocks clients that revolutionizes your trading experience. With this app, you can easily access real-time Philippine stocks market values and historical charts, allowing you to make informed investment decisions. This app is perfect for both local and foreign investors, providing a wide range of features including sortable pages, candle view, charts, market status, portfolio creation, and profit/loss calculator. Additionally, this app offers tools like support and resistance, Fibonacci setup, and comprehensive financial charts to enhance your trading strategies. Love and earn in the Philippine stocks market with Tsupetot, your go-to trading companion. Experience it today!

Features of Tsupetot:

❤️ Sortable Page: Users can easily organize and arrange the stocks based on percentage change, volume, and price. This feature allows for quick analysis and decision-making.

❤️ Last 3 Candle View: Users can view the last three candlesticks of a stock, providing a snapshot of its recent performance. This helps users track trends and make informed trading decisions.

❤️ Single Page Stock Chart Profile: All stock chart profiles can be conveniently viewed on a single page. This allows users to analyze multiple stocks at once and compare their performance.

❤️ Market Status: Users can stay updated on the current market status. This feature provides real-time information on the overall market performance, helping users stay informed and make timely decisions.

❤️ Historical Data with Indicators: The app provides access to stocks' historical data along with standard indicators such as MACD, RSI, MFI, MAs, SMAs, and more. This allows users to analyze past trends and predict future market movements.

❤️ Portfolio and Watchlist: Users can create and manage their portfolios and watchlists within the app. This feature allows users to track their investments and monitor the performance of specific stocks.


With Tsupetot App, Philstocks clients can enjoy a range of free and easy-to-use features that enhance their trading experience. From sortable pages and real-time stock data to historical charts and customizable portfolios, this app offers all the tools needed to make informed investment decisions. Whether you're a local or foreign investor, it is a must-have tool for anyone interested in the Philippine stocks market. Stay connected, stay informed, and start earning with this app - the ultimate trading companion. Download now for free!


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  • I previously paid for this app and a few weeks they closed it. I have philstocks account but they still want me to refer someone?!!
    2024-05-27 22:17:26
  • No clear instructions on how to link with existing Philstocks account. Paid for this app and now it is useless. Reply: It is even worse now. I did not see any tsupetot section in my profile and that I need to recruit someone to open a Philstocks account before I will be able to use the app. This is so irritating. Why not give existing Philstocks users who paid for tsupetot app before immediate access? What gives?
    2024-05-27 21:58:31
  • I want to thank sir alvin calma for this app..this really helps me a lot sa trading journey q.. It gives so much data i need, simplified and very user friendly..Mabuhay ka sir
    2024-05-27 15:56:50
  • I stop receiving alerts of my entry, target and cut loss price since 14 Dec.2018.
    2024-05-27 15:53:03
  • You need to refer a friend to use the app even if you have an active Philstock acct. Uninstalling...
    2024-05-27 10:00:32
  • Not working since yesterday, stuck in loading.
    2024-05-26 22:36:29