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Weather for France and World

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Package ID:com.idmobile.francemeteo

Developer:ID Mobile SA

  • Introduction

Stay prepared for any weather with the Weather for France and World app. This convenient app provides real-time weather forecasts for your region, all updated by expert meteorologists. You can catch up on the latest weather news through flash and TV reports, which are presented three times a day. The app also offers webcams across France, allowing you to see the current weather conditions in different areas. With detailed forecasts for morning, afternoon, and evening, you'll always know what to expect. Plus, you can explore additional features like beach weather, temperature updates for sea, lakes, rivers, and pools, and information on allergies and pollution levels. Whether you're planning a ski trip or a sun-soaked day at the beach, this app has got you covered. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, Weather for France and World is the ultimate weather companion for every season.

Features of Weather for France and World:

* Real-time weather updates by meteorologists in your region.

* Flash and TV news presented three times a day for the latest weather information.

* Webcams in France provide live visuals of current weather conditions.

* Detailed weather forecast for the morning, afternoon, and evening.

* Interactive radar animation shows rainfall, wind, satellite, and currents for the next 3 hours.

* Additional features include beach weather, temperature of water bodies, astronomy details, allergy information, and pollution levels.


Weather for France and World offers a convenient and reliable way to stay updated on weather forecasts. With real-time updates, flash news, and webcams, users can easily access the latest weather conditions in their region. The app provides detailed forecasts for different times of the day and includes interactive radar animation for a comprehensive understanding of weather patterns. Additionally, the app offers unique features such as beach weather, astronomy details, and allergy information, making it a comprehensive tool for weather information. Download the app now to experience accurate and personalized weather forecasts!


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  • Only problem i found was inaccuracy in rain forecasts
    2024-05-29 19:19:37
  • Très performante où que l'on soit.
    2024-05-29 10:49:49
  • Easy to read , fast and accurate but I don't like the ads
    2024-05-28 16:46:21
  • Misleading Claims to be worldwide, but can't locate London
    2024-05-27 03:11:52
  • Useful...
    2024-05-27 01:04:45
  • Good presentation
    2024-05-26 20:22:39