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Package ID:com.camera.one.s10.camera


  • Introduction

Capture professional-quality photos with the help of One S10 Camera, a powerful app that transforms your smartphone into a Samsung S10 camera. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, this app offers a wealth of resources to enhance your photography skills and achieve stunning results. Whether you're capturing scenic landscapes or timeless portraits, it allows you to make adjustments tailored to each specific photo. Furthermore, this app is perfect for shooting videos, offering both normal and short clip recording modes, making it ideal for sharing on social media platforms. Elevate your photography game with One S10 Camera and take spectacular photos with just your Android smartphone.

Features of One S10 Camera:

* Powerful camera upgrade: The app enhances your smartphone's camera to perform like a Samsung S10 providing you with top-notch photography capabilities.

* Elegant and intuitive interface: The app's user-friendly interface ensures an enjoyable and effortless experience while capturing stunning photos.

* Abundance of resources: The app offers various tools and features to enhance and optimize your photos, giving you professional results.

* Photo adjustments for different scenarios: You can easily adjust settings and options according to the type of photo you intend to capture, ensuring the perfect shot every time.

* Video shooting capabilities: The app not only excels in photography but also offers video recording options, including a normal mode and a shorter clip mode, perfect for sharing on social media platforms.

* Transform your Android into a Samsung S10 With One S10 Camera, you can attain exceptional photo quality using just your Android smartphone, as if you had a Samsung S10 in your hands.


Experience the power and versatility of One S10 Camera, an app that boosts your smartphone's camera performance to rival that of a Samsung S10 Its user-friendly interface and abundant resources make photography effortless and produce professional-quality results. Whether you're capturing photos or shooting videos, this app has got you covered. Transform your Android device into a powerhouse of photography and make every photo you take the best it can be. Download now and unleash your creativity.


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  • Great phone photo editor app and camera app. Loads of different filters loads of different styles to make your picture your own. Only problem I've got it the only way to get the full benefit you've to pay and it isn't the cheapest.
    2024-05-30 02:31:00
  • Love this camera I highly recommend this to EVERYONE, you can do way more than other camera app && if you know a little about photography this is one for you as well! Very pleased & won't be changing to anything else. Also did try out over 20 25 other apps but $$ & adds are they can are about & cant do barley any thg thing compared to this app. ALSO !! IMPORTANT THING #1 this app DOSEN'T start randomly having stupid adds pop up on your phone at any random time.
    2024-05-29 19:14:48
  • I have installed and uninstalled at least 10 different apps trying to find one that takes video and then I can find them in my gallery. This is one of the worst. I tap "video" and the image must be magnified at least 200 times! And it uses a lot of memory. Try it for yourself.
    2024-05-29 12:30:20
  • Slow camera. however it takes amazing shots. The cool thing about it is that when you take pictures, you can add a filter as if was Instagram. I rate it 4 stars. it's something something you've gotta to install if you have a phone with a bad camera.
    2024-05-27 19:37:59
  • Haven't had this app very long, but I like it so far. I like the options it makes available to me. Do not like the ads, but that's how it pays for itself and ads make it possible for me to have it for free:) *** Update *** I like the photos that I take with this camera app. I am impressed with the control it gives me and the quality of the photos I am able to produce. Definitely a good camera.
    2024-05-27 19:00:02
  • DO NOT INSTALL!! I would give this zero stars if I could! My phone notified me last night that this app had been accessing my microphone in the background despite me having revoked that permission! How long has it been recording me without my knowledge, and where has it been sending the recordings?! Invasion of privacy to say the least!!!
    2024-05-26 19:43:09