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Discover the joy of reading, listening, and meditating on the Word of God with our free Kumam Bible app. Downloading and using the app is simple and won't cost you a thing. With our app, you can access the New Testament in Kumam and listen to the audio as each verse is highlighted. You can bookmark and highlight your favorite verses, add notes, and search for specific words in the Bible. Additionally, the app offers features like Verse of the Day, Daily Reminder, and a Bible Verse Wallpaper Creator, allowing you to share your favorite verses with friends and family. The app also includes a user-friendly interface with adjustable font size and night mode for comfortable reading. Share this incredible app with your loved ones and feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or questions. Experience God's Word like never before with the app.

Features of Kumam Bible:

- Free Audio Bible: Download and listen to the New Testament in Kumam without any cost or ads.

- Highlighted Text: Read the text and listen to the audio with each verse highlighted.

- Bookmark and Note Taking: Bookmark your favorite verses, add notes, and search for specific words in the Bible.

- Verse of the Day & Daily Reminder: Receive a daily notification with a Bible verse that you can listen to or turn into a wallpaper.

- Bible Verse Wallpaper Creator: Create personalized wallpapers with your favorite Bible verses and share them with friends on social media.

- User-friendly Interface: Easily navigate through chapters with a swipe, adjust font size, and enjoy reading in Night Mode for a comfortable experience.


Experience the Word of God in your language with the Kumam Bible App. Download it now for free and listen, read, and meditate on the Bible. Access special features like bookmarking, note-taking, and verse of the day reminders. Create beautiful wallpapers with favorite verses to share with friends. The app is user-friendly, customizable, and available in other languages too. Start your spiritual journey today with the App.


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