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  • Introduction

Discover a seamless shopping experience with the Bytom App. Join the exclusive club and enjoy the convenience of easy purchases. As a club member, you'll receive timely updates on new products and exciting promotions. Plus, accumulate value rebates in your account to save on future purchases. Keep track of your purchase history and have all your receipts conveniently stored in one place. Whether shopping online or in-store, the app automatically recognizes you as a Club Member. Simply present your virtual card, featuring a QR code, at the showroom and unlock a world of exclusive privileges. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to convenience with the Bytom App.

Features of Bytom:

- Join the Club: Easily become a part of the exclusive community and enjoy special privileges and promotions.

- Convenient Purchases: Make your shopping experience hassle-free with this app. It allows you to make purchases quickly and easily.

- Stay Informed: Never miss out on new products and exciting promotions. The app keeps you updated with all the latest information.

- Accumulate Value Rebate: Earn PLN (value rebates) on your account with every purchase. These can be used for future purchases, saving you money.

- Purchase History and Receipts: Keep track of your purchases and access your receipts in one place. No more digging through emails or paperwork.

- Virtual Card Advantage: At the showrooms, simply show your virtual card on your phone (QR code) to enjoy all the exclusive privileges.


Experience the convenience and benefits of the app's features. Join the Club, make purchases effortlessly, stay informed about new products and promotions, accumulate value rebates, access purchase history and receipts, and enjoy the privileges with just a virtual card. Don't miss out on this opportunity, click to download Bytom now!


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