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  • Introduction

The MPT DriveHub app is the ultimate travel companion that will turn your journey into an exciting adventure. No more hassles on the road as you breeze through expressways with ease. This app allows you to manage your RFID accounts, ensuring smooth and seamless transactions. Plan your trips smartly by staying updated with the latest traffic movements and knowing where the nearest rest stops are for all your needs. In case of emergencies, simply tap the emergency call button for quick assistance, without the hassle of searching for hotlines. Download MPT DriveHub today and experience the freedom of a delightful journey on your road trips!

Features of MPT DriveHub:

❤️ RFID Account Management: Easily check and reload your RFID account in less than a minute, avoiding long waiting times. Your balance is updated in real time.

❤️ Toll Fee Calculator: Compute toll fees in advance to know exactly how much you need to pay, saving you from any surprises.

❤️ Traffic Updates: Stay informed about the latest traffic movement in NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, and CALAX. This helps you plan your trips more efficiently.

❤️ Nearby Rest Stops: Find the nearest rest stops for dining, bathroom breaks, gas-ups, or last-minute pasalubong shopping. Never miss out on convenient amenities along the way.

❤️ Emergency Roadside Assistance: In case of any trouble, simply tap the emergency call button to quickly get the help you need. No need to search for emergency hotlines online.

❤️ Data Privacy Protection: Rest assured that all your personal data is protected in accordance with the Data Privacy Act.


Make your road trips easier, safer, faster, and more enjoyable with MPT DriveHub. Manage your RFID accounts, plan your trips smartly, stay updated on traffic, find nearby rest stops, and have access to emergency roadside assistance. Download MPT DriveHub today and experience the freedom of a seamless journey. Say goodbye to hassles and embrace the joy of travel with MPT DriveHub - your ultimate travel companion.


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