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Bestie - Camera360 Beauty Cam

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  • Introduction

Introducing Bestie - Camera360 Beauty Cam, the ultimate selfie camera app of the year developed by Camera 360. With it, you can transform your selfies into stunning works of art with its real-time skin beautifying effects. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a radiant complexion. The app also offers a wide range of portrait filters that are specifically designed for different scenarios, allowing you to capture the perfect selfie every time. But Bestie - Camera360 Beauty Cam is more than just a selfie camera app, it also includes fun features like animated stickers and an intelligent beauty editor that will make your photos truly stand out. Download today and join millions of users who have discovered the secret to the perfect selfie!

Features of Bestie - Camera360 Beauty Cam:

❤️ Real-time Skin Beautifying Effects: The app offers natural and radiant complexion retouching, face feature and contour reshaping, and adjustable skin smooth, whiten, and brighten effects. It also includes a smart acne, blemishes, and pimples remover, as well as 100+ filters developed specifically for portrait selfies.

❤️ Stunning Filters for Portrait: The app provides professional portrait photographic filters designed for different self-portrait scenarios. Each filter can be adjusted from 1 to 100 degrees. Users can collect and manage their favorite filters and apply them in real-time to both photos and videos.

❤️ Animated Stickers: Users can have fun with animated stickers to transform themselves into cute characters like Bunny, Kitty, Puppy, and more. They can also experiment with headdress, tiara, jewelry, and other ornaments for a makeover. The app uses accurate face recognition and tracking technology to ensure precise placement of animated face stickers and funny emojis.

❤️ All-in-one Selfie Camera: The app offers a fast and fluent selfie camera that captures the best moments effortlessly. It includes a night camera mode for high-quality selfies in the dark and a camera timer feature that can be set to take photos after 3, 5 or 10 seconds. Users can choose between touchscreen and auto options for hands-free operation. Other features include a wide-angle lens, real-time filters and stickers, video shot capabilities, and grid shot functionality.

❤️ Intelligent Beauty Editor for Your Photo: The app provides a quick-fix feature that automatically contours the face and retouches the skin for album-worthy pictures. It detects facial features and allows users to smooth, whiten, and slim their faces. It also detects eyes and provides options to enlarge, brighten, change eye color, or remove eyebags. The app includes tools to remove acnes, blemishes, and pimples for a flawless selfie. It also offers cute and original stickers to decorate album photos and magic brushes to blur photo backgrounds or highlight specific objects.

❤️ Get in Touch: Users can connect with millions of Bestie users and share their unique outfits through various channels. They can follow the app's official Instagram account and use the #bestiecam tag. They can also engage with the app through its Facebook fan page or reach out for support via email.


Transform your selfies with Bestie. Capture stunning photos and videos with real-time skin beautifying effects and professional portrait filters. Have fun with animated stickers and enjoy an all-in-one selfie camera with intelligent beauty editing features. Join millions of users and share your unique outfit through Instagram and Facebook. Download now and experience the best of selfie photography!


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  • I really love this app but once I uninstalled it by mistake and after that the Pandora filters disappeared. I've tried updating it many times but it doesn't work. Also filters like Stay are missing. Please help!
    2024-05-27 04:49:27
  • I just love that app definitely unbeatable but!!! until the recent update
    2024-05-26 14:24:54
  • In the past few weeks I started getting weird ads when i open my phone from the locked screen. I'm not inside the app, it's just random, loud and very uncomfortable when I'm around people or at work!!!!!!!!
    2024-05-26 13:11:52
  • Opps! Something went wrong. We'll fix it soon! Report error problem
    2024-05-26 03:48:58
  • sorry to say but bugs not fixed.. bugs added
    2024-05-25 15:18:05
  • Awesome and super ez to use minimal ads n was not paid to give this review one of the best filter camera apps there are n I've tried A LOT OF EM it is PERFECTION if ur like me n want more of a lighting filter and dnt want drastic alterations in ur pics plus it's AWESOME cuz lighting/filter change can be done to gallery/past pics AND current/being taken pics too
    2024-05-25 11:54:50