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If you're planning to visit an Arabic country and want to learn the language quickly and effectively, then Simply Learn Arabic Language App is the perfect tool for you. This FREE language app offers over 300 Arabic phrases and words that are presented to you in both phonetic and original Arabic writing. With the help of a native speaker from Arabic countries, you can listen to high-quality audio recordings to perfect your pronunciation. You can also save your favorite phrases and words for easy review and track your learning progress. Additionally, the app includes a survival phrasebook to help you navigate your way around Arabic countries. Whether you need to communicate with a taxi driver or ask for directions, this app has got you covered. With its user-friendly features and comprehensive categories, learning Arabic has never been easier. Download Simply Learn Arabic now and start your language journey today!

Features of Simply Learn Arabic:

❤️ Learn Arabic language: This app provides a convenient way to learn and speak Arabic, particularly for those visiting Arabic countries. It offers a wide range of Arabic phrases and words along with their phonetic and original Arabic writing, recorded by a native speaker from Arabic countries.

❤️ Flashcards and spaced repetition: Users can study vocabulary effectively using flashcards and the spaced repetition technique. This helps in retaining and reviewing learned phrases and words without any hassle.

❤️ Arabic language quiz: Test your knowledge of Arabic language with a fun quiz included in the app. After taking the quiz, users can review their scores and track their learning progress over time.

❤️ Survival guide for Arabic countries: The app includes an Arabic phrasebook that covers all the important survival phrases needed while traveling in Arabic countries. Users can easily access the phrases they need and even let the app speak to a taxi driver in Arabic to show them their desired destination.

❤️ Quick search function: To enhance user convenience, the app provides a quick search function. This allows users to quickly find specific phrases and words they need, saving them time.

❤️ Additional categories in PRO version: The PRO version of the app offers advanced conversation topics, health-related phrases, border crossing phrases, questions, and more. This expands the user's language proficiency and covers various aspects of communication in Arabic.


With Simply Learn Arabic App, you can easily and effectively learn Arabic language for your travels to Arabic countries. The app offers a comprehensive selection of phrases and words, along with helpful features such as flashcards, quizzes, and a survival guide. Download and start learning Arabic today to enhance your travel experience.


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