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  • Introduction

Travelstart: Flights & Hotels is Africa's top travel app that revolutionizes the way you plan and book your travel adventures. Offering a seamless and user-friendly experience, this app brings you the best travel bookings at your fingertips. With a wide collection of flights, hotels, cars, and buses all in one place, you can easily search, compare, and make bookings on the go. What sets Travelstart apart is its commitment to making travel better, cheaper, faster, and simpler for you. Access exclusive discounts and deals, manage your entire trip, check flight status, and enjoy priority customer service. Don't wait any longer, embark on your dream journey now by downloading the Travelstart app.

Features of Travelstart: Flights & Hotels:

⭐️ Wide collection of flights and hotels: Search and compare prices to suit your budget and make bookings on the go.

⭐️ Exclusive discounts and deals: Access app-only specials and promotions for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

⭐️ Quick and secure online payments: Process and confirm flight bookings at lightning speed with safe online payments.

⭐️ Trip management: Stay up to date with changes, access plane tickets, check flight status, cancellations, and hotel reservations.

⭐️ Extensive options: Compare deals from over 1,600 car hire suppliers and choose from multiple payment options.

⭐️ Customer support: Chat directly to the customer service team using the app's priority support function.


Download Travelstart: Flights & Hotels app, and experience a world of better, cheaper, faster, and simpler travel. With a wide collection of flights and hotels at your fingertips, you can easily compare prices and make bookings on the go. Access exclusive discounts and deals, and process online payments quickly and securely. Manage your entire trip on the app, from staying updated with changes to accessing your plane tickets and checking flight status. With extensive options for car rentals and bus tickets, as well as reliable customer support, Travelstart makes travel planning hassle-free. Don't wait any longer - click to download the app now and start enjoying your travels.


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  • Never ever use travelstart!!!!!.I booked a flight which is shown to be available and by the time the payment was done it was rejected and suspended and it was said that the flight wasn't really available..I lost a thousand dollars!!! ...And they are not even responding to any of my concerns..Worst travel agency ever!!! Please do help me report this ...They don't deserve even a single star.!!!.I need to report this and they should be responsible for the compensation...!!!
    2024-05-25 07:46:47
  • They waste your time ... book your tickets and cancel 24hrs after because they don't have an instant payment option. Then the original price of the ticket will have changed and you have to pay much more! DO NOT use them!
    2024-05-24 18:56:41
  • Booking system is messed up. I have booked and paid for flights 7 jan but have not received e-ticket. I have used all platforms asking for assistance and they have not replied. Don't book with then at the moment.
    2024-05-24 17:11:14
  • This company "Travelstart" are the biggest con artists in the industry. I will never recommend them to anyone! Once you make a booking and pay for it they will tell you your payment didn't clear in time to confirm your booking and an EXTRA 10% fee must now be paid again on top of what was already paid in order to keep that booking.. The biggest bunch of rubbish I ever dealt with, blatently taking people's money, I will never use you guys again and I will spread the word of how this company works
    2024-05-24 02:57:13
  • horrible experience. I only used it to provide info about an existing flight... go to manage my booking. ..gives no info just floods my screen with queued messages from a bot...this is just an advertising front...going to uninstall now.
    2024-05-23 21:48:43
  • The worst App ever.. If you select change flight or any hard thing it syncs forever. These people don't have a contact number and their app cannot even assist you. Worst they changed my flights without concern nor notification..
    2024-05-23 03:44:06