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Rideshares & Taxis - Obi

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  • Introduction

Tired of overpaying for rides? Look no further than the Rideshares and Taxis - Obi app! With Obi, you can compare prices of taxis, rideshares, and black cars in real time, all in one convenient app. No need to open multiple apps or waste time searching for the best deal. Obi gives you access to every car in your city, so you always get the cheapest ride. The savings can really add up – regular riders can save thousands of dollars in just a few years. Plus, Obi works worldwide, so you can save wherever you go. Download the app today and start changing the way you ride!

Features of Rideshares & Taxis - Obi:

> Compare Prices: The Obi app allows users to compare prices of taxi, rideshare, and black car services in real time. This saves users the hassle of opening multiple apps to find the cheapest ride.

> Live Access to Every Car: With Obi, users have live access to every available car in their city. This ensures that they always get the cheapest ride possible, eliminating the need to overpay for rides.

> Significant Savings: By using Obi, users can save $20-$50 on airport and longer rides, as well as $5-$10 on regular rides. Over time, these savings can add up to thousands of dollars, making it a cost-effective choice for frequent riders.

> Universal App: The Obi app is free to use and works worldwide. Whether users are looking for a cheap taxi or a cheap rideshare, Obi helps them find the best price and the quickest pickup in seconds.

> Extensive Provider Network: Obi gives users access to all major rideshare and taxi services across the USA and globally. It includes popular services like Uber, Lyft, Ola, Via, Bolt, Curb, Taxify, Cabify, Le Cab, FreeNow, Kapten, Kabbee, and many others. This ensures a wide range of options to choose from.

> Transparent and Independent: Unlike other apps affiliated with specific rideshare companies, Obi is 100% independent. It aims to provide full transparency, allowing users to compare and book the best ride without bias. Obi also only partners with reputable companies, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy experience.


The Rideshares and Taxis - Obi app revolutionizes the way people ride by helping them save money on every rideshare and taxi they take. By comparing prices in real time and providing access to all major car services, Obi ensures that users always get the cheapest ride available. With significant savings, a user-friendly interface, and global coverage, Obi is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to find the best ride at the best price. Download the app today and start changing the way you ride!


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