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  • Introduction

NuriCashback is an app that allows you to earn additional benefits from your online shopping. With the fastest cashback disbursement system, you can receive cashback as soon as your order is completed. What sets NuriCashback apart is its Multi-level Referral Program, which gives you the opportunity to earn extra income by sharing referral codes with friends and followers. Join the Teman Nuri community, where you can connect with other online shopping enthusiasts and discover new products in categories like beauty, fashion, and household items. Claim cashback, invite friends, explore the product catalogue, and easily withdraw your earnings.

Features of NuriCashback:

- Fastest Cashback Disbursement: The app ensures quick and efficient cashback disbursement from the moment you complete your online order.

- Multi-level Referral Program: Users have the opportunity to earn additional income by sharing referral codes through personal and social media channels, making it beneficial for influencers, community leaders, and consumers.

- Optimized Online Shopping Experience: The app is designed to provide the most profitable online shopping experience, allowing users to shop without any regrets.

- Claim Cashback: Every valid online purchase using Teman Nuri's link can earn users up to 25% cashback, giving them more savings on their purchases.

- Invite Friends: By inviting others to register using a referral code, users can earn Rp. 100,000 in NuriCashback balance for each successful referral.

- Comprehensive Product Catalogue: The app offers a complete product catalogue categorized by various categories, prices, and estimated cashback, making it easier for users to find exactly what they're looking for.

In conclusion, the NuriCashback App provides a convenient and rewarding online shopping experience. With its fast cashback disbursement system, multi-level referral program, and optimized features, users can enjoy additional income, savings, and a wide selection of products. Join the NuriCashback community and start enjoying the benefits of online shopping today!


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  • Aplikasi ini sangat memudahkan penggunanya daftar ga sampe 5 menit terus metode pencairannya banyak bisa pakai E-wallet ataupun transfer bank
    2024-05-27 01:58:42
  • pertama kali aku coba pake aplikasi nuri cashback, jujur kaget dpt saldo 5.000 + dpt bonus koin 50.000 juga lg
    2024-05-26 23:17:26
  • bagus banget, aplikasinya inovatif terus ada cashback juga kalau belanja good
    2024-05-26 05:24:20
  • aplikasinya inovatif, daftar nya mudah, ngga ribet ditambah dapat saldo 5.000 serta koin 50.000 saat daftar dari aplikasi.
    2024-05-25 02:30:49
  • Keren banget, engga ribett. Mudah banget dipakai. Mantapp
    2024-05-25 00:55:27
  • lop lop bangettt, aplikasi nya gak ribet alias mudah dipakai, mantulll. jadi makin hemat belanjanya
    2024-05-24 16:12:10