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Visa Airport Companion

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  • Introduction

Enhance your VIP airport experience with the incredible Visa Airport Companion App! Designed exclusively for Visa cardholders in Latin America & Caribbean and Canada, this app offers access to over 1,200 lounges worldwide, ensuring that your travel is filled with comfort and luxury. Not only that, but the app also provides fantastic airport benefits like discounts and offers on dining and retail. The enrollment process is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to manage multiple eligible Visa cards within one account and easily view your lounge entitlements and usage history. Download the Visa Airport Companion App today and take your airport experience to new heights of convenience and style! (100 words)

Features of Visa Airport Companion:

⭐️ Access to over 1,200 lounges worldwide: Enjoy a VIP airport experience with access to a wide range of lounges around the world, providing comfort and relaxation before your flight.

⭐️ Exclusive airport benefits: Take advantage of special discounts and offers on airport dining and retail, making your travel experience even more enjoyable and affordable.

⭐️ Easy enrollment and management: Quickly and effortlessly enroll with your eligible Visa Card and manage all your memberships within your account, making it convenient to access airport benefits.

⭐️ View lounge entitlements and usage history: Keep track of your lounge entitlements (if applicable) and your usage history, ensuring that you make the most out of your membership.

⭐️ Language options available: The App is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, catering to a diverse range of Visa Cardholders.

⭐️ Enhance your airport experience: Download the Visa Airport Companion App today and enhance your airport experience with exclusive benefits and access to lounges worldwide.


Make the most out of your airport experience with the Visa Airport Companion App. Access over 1,200 lounges worldwide, take advantage of exclusive airport benefits, and manage all your memberships with ease. Keep track of your entitlements and usage history, while enjoying the convenience of multiple language options. Enhance your travel experience by downloading the Visa Airport Companion App today and enjoy a VIP airport experience like never before!


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  • Simple and straightforward app, but has login performance issues. Verifications don't arrive when 'displayed' by the app, but do not arrive. Then app locks itself for 30 mins, for whatever reason. Not practical when standing in front of a lounge and it decides not to work
    2024-05-27 01:31:56
  • Can't sign up. Even though I have internet, during sign up process it constantly says no internet and never completes the process. What's the use of app if you can even sign up for the service. Website has same issue of no internet as well. Whats more irritating is their app description says "quick and easy enrolment". Doesn't have contact us section either .
    2024-05-26 02:36:24
  • Very disappointed. Was denied access to the "Mobay" Sangster Intl airport lounge because we did not make a reservation ahead of time and they are "full for DragonPass users for the day". They helpfully suggested that next time we make a reservation at least a week in advance...using a separate site altogether. There is no obvious info in this App even suggesting that this is a thing to do.
    2024-05-26 02:20:23
  • Insecure app. Password policy is outdated and the app is completely incompatible with password managers on Android. Not only it doesn't integrate with password manager to auto load passwords, they also prevent pasting passwords, making manual copy/paste of secure passwords coming from a password manager impossible.
    2024-05-26 02:16:20
  • Love the services and the staffs are amazing.
    2024-05-25 23:52:48
  • Password code reset doesn't send when requested and then you get locked out for requesting too many codes.
    2024-05-24 21:56:33