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  • Introduction

Looking to learn Punjabi quickly and effectively? Look no further than the Simply Learn Punjabi Language App! This free app is designed to assist you in speaking Punjabi, whether you're visiting India or just interested in learning the language. With over 300 phrases and words presented in both phonetic and original Punjabi writing, you'll be able to learn at your own pace. The app also features a spaced repetition learning system, flashcards, and quizzes to test and review your knowledge. Plus, important survival phrases are included so you can navigate your way through India with ease. Download the app today and start your Punjabi language journey!

Features of Simply Learn Punjabi:

- All phrases and words are recorded by a native speaker from India.

- Users can save their favorite phrases and words for easy review.

- The app includes a Punjabi quiz to test and review language skills.

- Users can track their learning progress.

- The app has a quick search function for easy access to phrases and words.

In conclusion, the Simply Learn Punjabi Language App is a valuable tool for anyone visiting India who wants to quickly and effectively learn the Punjabi language. With its extensive library of phrases and words, recorded by a native speaker, users can easily navigate their way through important survival situations. The app also offers various learning features such as flashcards, quizzes, and progress tracking to ensure a comprehensive and efficient learning experience. Download the app now and start speaking Punjabi with confidence during your travels in India.


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  • Can you just make an app to learn malay ? loved this app nice. Can we learn Indian Punjabi?
    2024-05-28 10:14:37
  • good app
    2024-05-27 00:28:42
  • Punjabi actually a Pakistani language.
    2024-05-26 21:19:49
  • good
    2024-05-26 14:29:32
  • Nice awesome
    2024-05-25 22:10:03
  • Ossum
    2024-05-25 01:52:39