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  • Introduction

Introducing Tirhal, the ultimate taxi app for Sudan. Whether you're in Khartoum state, Wad Madani, Elobeid, or Portsudan, you can easily call for a ride at the touch of a button. With a variety of options to choose from, including Economy, Saloon, Van, Double cab, Raksha, Two truck, and Prestige cars, it has got you covered. And if you're a lady, we have an exclusive option just for you. No need to worry about calculating the cost, as the app does it automatically. You can even book a ride for someone else. Our skilled and registered drivers will ensure a safe and comfortable journey, and we'll be with you every step of the way. Keep an eye out, as we will soon expand to the rest of the states in Sudan. Experience the best taxi service in the country with the app. Visit www.tirhal.net to learn more.

Features of Tirhal:

* Easy booking: With Tirhal, you can easily book a taxi wherever you are in Sudan, whether it's in Khartoum state, Wad Madani, Elobeid, or Portsudan, with just a touch on your phone.

* Variety of car options: Tirhal offers a wide range of car options to suit your needs, including Economy, Saloon, Van, Double cab, Raksha, Two truck, and Prestige cars.

* Exclusive option for ladies: Tirhal understands the importance of safety and comfort, which is why they have an exclusive option for ladies, ensuring a secure and hassle-free ride.

* Automatic cost calculation: The app automatically calculates the cost of your ride, so you don't have to worry about haggling or estimating the fare.

* Book for others: It allows you to book a taxi not only for yourself but also for another person, making it convenient for arranging transportation for friends, family, or colleagues.

* Skilled and registered drivers: The drivers of Tirhal are skilled and registered, ensuring a professional and reliable service throughout your journey.


It is the best taxi service in Sudan, providing easy booking, a variety of car options, exclusive safety measures for ladies, automatic cost calculation, the ability to book for others, and skilled drivers. With the app, you can travel safely and comfortably anywhere in Sudan. Download the app now for a convenient and reliable taxi experience.


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