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  • Introduction

Introducing the ENAIRE Drones App, a must-have for remote pilot operators seeking a safe and secure experience with their unmanned aircraft. This app offers a wealth of aeronautical information necessary for smooth operations, sourced directly from the ENAIRE AIP ESPAÑA publication. With just a few taps on your mobile or tablet, you can access alerts, notifications, and NOTAMs that might impact your flight, ensuring you stay informed and prepared. Discover Spain's relevant airspace areas for drone flight, including controlled zones and safety spaces around airports, helipads, and military bases. Plus, gain a comprehensive understanding of drone legislation based on your specific flight type. Rest easy knowing that with the ENAIRE Drones App, you have the trust and reliability of ENAIRE, the primary Spanish air navigation management company.

Features of ENAIRE Drones:

❤️ Flight planning assistance: The app provides necessary aeronautical information for safe operation of remote control unmanned aircraft (RPAS). It allows pilots and operators to plan their flights securely and easily.

❤️ Real-time alerts and notices: Users can quickly and easily access alerts, notices, and NOTAMs that may affect their flight directly from their mobile or tablet devices.

❤️ Visualize relevant airspace: The app displays airspace areas in Spain that are important for drone flights. It includes control areas and safety zones around airports, heliports, and military bases, which may require permissions or coordination before flying drones.

❤️ Legality guidance: Users can understand the legislation that applies to their drone flights based on the type of operation they intend to undertake.

❤️ Trusted source: Developed by ENAIRE, the company responsible for air navigation in Spain, the app offers the confidence of complying with the current regulations.

❤️ Emphasis on safety: It reminds users that drones are not toys but aircraft and encourages responsible and safe operations.


With features such as flight planning, real-time information access, airspace visualization, legality guidance, trust in the source, and emphasis on safety, this app ensures a secure and hassle-free drone operation experience. Download now to fly your drones safely and legally.


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