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Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro

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Package ID:nu.lower.brightness.pro

Developer:wormhole space

  • Introduction

Experience enhanced comfort while using your Android device with Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro. This unique app offers a solution to the problem of excessively bright screens while viewing content in the dark. Say goodbye to strained eyes and harmful radiation as you watch videos or read in the comfort of complete darkness. With Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro, you can easily adjust your screen brightness to your desired level, even below the system's minimum threshold. Enjoy increased comfort and reduced eye strain, especially if your device has an IPS matrix or AMOLED with a high PWM value.

Features of Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro:

> Auxiliary application for Android devices: This app serves as a helpful tool for Android users, specifically designed to address the issue of screen brightness.

> Solves the problem of smartphone use in the dark: The Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro app offers a unique solution for individuals who enjoy using their smartphones in low-light environments. It effectively reduces screen brightness to ensure comfortable viewing and avoid harmful radiation.

> Enhances vision clarity and reduces harmful effects: By using this app, users can experience clear vision while protecting their eyes from potential harm. It facilitates watching videos or reading in complete darkness without straining the eyes.

> Ideal for smartphones with high minimum brightness threshold: If you're frustrated with your smartphone's limited ability to dim the screen, the Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro app is the perfect solution. It enables users to set the brightness level they desire, surpassing the system's minimum threshold.

> Easy to use: This application offers a user-friendly interface, making it effortless for users to adjust the brightness according to their preferences. Simply open the app and set the necessary parameters to achieve the desired screen brightness.

> Added comfort and reduced eye strain: Lowering the screen brightness below the system's minimum threshold has beneficial effects on user comfort and eye health. This is especially useful for smartphones with IPS-matrix or AMOLED screens with high PWM values.


The Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro app is an essential tool for Android users who frequently use their smartphones in low-light conditions. It effectively solves the problem of excessively bright screens, providing clear vision and safeguarding eye health. With its easy-to-use interface and ability to surpass the system's minimum brightness threshold, this app offers added comfort and reduced eye strain during nighttime use. Click here to download the app and enhance your smartphone viewing experience.


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  • i love this app. can't live without it. my only concern is that my screenshots get also darker when the app is activated
    2024-05-22 22:48:40
  • This app should be included when buying your phone. Great app!! Runs extremely smooth.
    2024-05-21 17:30:31
  • App no longer working with accessability service galaxy note10 so it doesnt dim status bar etc... changed review after feedback
    2024-05-21 06:19:14
  • Why do I have to enable the Accessibility service every time I use the app? It defeats the purpose of the "pro" version.
    2024-05-20 20:12:30
  • Works great. I especially love the notification changing feature.
    2024-05-20 13:59:00
  • It increases and reduces the screen brightness, but the icons across the top of the screen do not change.
    2024-05-20 11:39:01