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Willow - Photo Watch face

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Package ID:com.ammarptn.willow.digital.watch.face


  • Introduction

Willow provides a customizable and user-friendly solution for creating unique watch faces for Wear OS devices. With endless possibilities for customization and the ability to reflect personal style, it allows users to express themselves and make a statement with their wearable device. It's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to showcase their individuality and stand out from the rest. Click to download Willow and start transforming your wearable device into an extension of your personal style.

Features of Willow - Photo Watch face:

> Customizable watch face: This app allows users to personalize their wearable device by creating and uploading their own images and selecting from a wide range of fonts.

> Express yourself: With this app, users can seamlessly show their individuality and personal style through their wearable device. It allows them to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

> Endless customization possibilities: The watch face offers unlimited options for customization, whether users prefer bold and eye-catching designs or understated elegance. It gives them the freedom to create a unique look that reflects their personality.

> User-friendly design: The app is designed with ease of use in mind, providing a seamless experience for users. It is optimized for Wear OS, ensuring a smooth and intuitive interface.

> Change your look anytime: Users can change their watch face as often as they like, allowing them to never get tired of their wrist accessory. Whether they want something bold and vibrant or simple and elegant, they have the power to switch things up at any time.

> Reflect your personal style: This app offers a chance to showcase one's unique sense of style and let their personality shine. It encourages users to embrace their individuality and not settle for generic, boring watch faces.


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  • I like the app. Works well for the most part. Only issue I have is that the always on display doesn't work all the time. Not sure why when I have the setting set on my phone. Watch face will just go black.
    2024-05-18 03:43:27
  • Purchased the premium after tested, battery consumption is very low unlike other customizable watchface. Do appreciate individual font customization for Time vs Date & alignment choices. Also, the ability to zoom in/out or adjust image size & preview in phone app. Thanks!
    2024-05-17 16:10:31
  • Brilliant app and well worth the couple of quid to upgrade to fully customize. If I was being nitpicky I'd love to have the option of being able to choose how long images are featured for before being cycled (as yet I'm unable to figure out how long they're on for!) but otherwise great!
    2024-05-17 10:22:46
  • Edit: I have left this review and contacted them directly multiple times with no response and no changes. Pathetic. Very frustrated! The fonts I want to use won't load, no matter how many times I try. I contacted Willow and got no response. Useless... and now they respond to my review and ask me to contact them directly again. What's the point?
    2024-05-16 11:48:53
  • So far I absolutely love it. It does exactly what I was hoping it would, with no issues so far. Ok, one issue. I can't seem to purchase premium because the button on the app for premium doesn't work. Hopefully I can figure a work around but other than that I am super happy.
    2024-05-16 06:56:40
  • Free version covers almost all the basics for a watch face with configurable background. Very usable, with little fluff. Would be best-in-class if it had analog time/date display and an option to display the month numerically
    2024-05-15 18:20:13