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Widgets iOS 15 Color Widgets

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Package ID:com.blueskysoft.colorwidgets


  • Introduction

Revamp your Android device's home screen with Widgets iOS 15 Color Widgets! This incredible app lets you dive into a world of desktop customization like never before. With a wide range of iOS 15 style widgets at your disposal, you can effortlessly personalize your smartphone's home screen to match your unique taste. The app offers an extensive selection of widget themes and even allows you to unleash your creativity by designing your own stunning layouts. From step counters and calorie trackers to calendars and weather updates, this app comes packed with useful widgets that cater to all your needs. With the ability to add large, medium, and small widgets in a variety of striking fonts and colors, you'll have limitless options for customizing every aspect of your home screen.

Features of Widgets iOS 15 Color Widgets:

⭐️ Desktop customization: The app allows you to customize your Android device's home screen by editing it and aesthetically customizing it according to your taste.

⭐️ iOS 15 style widgets: You can personalize your home screen with iOS 15 style widgets, which offer a modern and sleek design.

⭐️ Wide selection of widget themes: The app offers a rich content library with a wide variety of widget themes to choose from, ensuring there's something for everyone's preferences.

⭐️ Create your own designs: In addition to the pre-designed themes, you can also unleash your creativity by designing your own beautiful widgets that perfectly match your style.

⭐️ Useful and diverse widgets: The app includes various useful widgets such as a step counter, calories tracker, calendar, digital clock, photo album, notes, weather, color clock, and world clock, among others.

⭐️ Detailed customization options: You can add three different sizes of widgets (large, medium, and small) to your home screen, and you have the freedom to customize these widgets with different fonts and colors to make them truly unique.


The diverse and useful widgets, along with the detailed customization options, make this app a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their Android device's visual appeal. Download this free app now and give your home screen a stunning makeover!


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