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Pixelwave Pixel Art Wallpapers

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Package ID:maa.pixelwavewallpapers

Developer:MAA FOR APPS

  • Introduction

Pixelwave Pixel Art Wallpapers is the ultimate app for pixel art enthusiasts and fans of the vaporwave style. With a curated selection of over a thousand high-quality pixel art wallpapers, including dynamic live wallpapers, this app is a dream come true for anyone who appreciates aesthetic visuals. Each wallpaper in the collection has been handpicked by our team, guaranteeing only the finest pixel art creations make it to the app. Additionally, we have a special category dedicated to showcasing pixel art from renowned artists, ensuring exceptional quality in every live wallpaper. But it doesn't stop there – we also offer a comprehensive pixel art editor with a variety of filters, as well as categories for anime wallpapers, pixel art gifs, and even a quotes maker feature to create your own personalized pixel art wallpapers. With its extensive features and stunning pixel art collection, Pixelwave Pixel Art Wallpapers is a must-have app for all pixel art lovers.

Features of Pixelwave Pixel Art Wallpapers:

* Extensive Collection: The app offers a vast assortment of high-quality pixel art wallpapers, including dynamic live wallpapers and pixel art gifs.

* Curated Selection: The wallpapers featured in the app have been meticulously chosen by a team of experts, ensuring only the finest pixel art wallpapers are included.

* Live Wallpapers by Renowned Artists: The app includes a category dedicated to showcasing live wallpapers featuring pixel art created by renowned artists, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

* Pixel Art Editor: The app houses a comprehensive pixel art editor equipped with various filters, allowing users to personalize their wallpapers before sharing them with friends.

* Multiple Categories: The app offers nine different categories, including recent wallpapers, anime wallpapers, artist collections, pixel art gifs, quotes, and pixel art live wallpapers.

* Additional Features: The app includes an automatic wallpaper changer, a pixel sleeper feature with soothing rain sounds, and a quotes maker that allows users to craft their personalized pixel art wallpapers.


This app provides a delightful experience for users. Whether you're looking for dynamic live wallpapers or personalized quotes, Pixelwave Pixel Art Wallpapers has something for everyone. Click here to download the app and start exploring the world of pixel art today.


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