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  • Introduction

Welcome to Archero, a thrilling app that thrusts you into a world where your very existence is under threat. As the Lone Archer, you are the only hope to resist and conquer the relentless waves of evil that are closing in. Your life depends on it, so stack up your skills and fight like never before. But beware, if you fail, there's no going back – you'll have to start from scratch. Survive by creating unique combinations of skills, explore stunning worlds filled with monsters and obstacles, and level up to equip yourself with powerful gear.

Features of Archero:

> Unique Skills: The app offers a wide variety of random and unique skills that you can use to navigate through challenging dungeons and defeat enemies.

> Diverse Worlds: Explore stunning and captivating worlds, each with its own set of intricately designed maps. Immerse yourself in this new universe and uncover hidden secrets.

> Thrilling Battles: Face thousands of never-seen-before monsters and mind-boggling obstacles that will test your skills and tactics. Fight relentlessly and prove yourself as the Lone Archer.

> Character Progression: Level up your character and unlock powerful equipment to enhance your stats. Customize your playstyle and become even more formidable in your quest.

> Countless Combinations: Enjoy the freedom of creating endless combinations of unique skills. Experiment and find the perfect mix that suits your playstyle and helps you survive against all odds.

> Support and Communication: If you have any questions or need assistance, the app provides a direct line of communication with the developers. They are ready to address your concerns and provide guidance whenever you need it.


Archero is an action-packed app that offers a thrilling and immersive experience. With its unique skills, diverse worlds, and countless combinations, you will be hooked on this game. Prepare yourself for epic battles against never-before-seen monsters and obstacles, and level up to become even more powerful. If you're looking for a challenging and engaging game, click the download button and join the fight.


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  • The game will deserve more stars but it start having issues with server conectivity every single day!! It's very frustrating. After all this years and they couldn't fix this old issue? Shame.
    2024-05-31 02:06:45
  • "Its a fun game. i play this on my break of work. great time passer. not too easy and not to hard. just the right amount of challenge. The max level is too low ive reached it twice. you guys need to make more level up. all in all it EPIC!!"
    2024-05-29 22:16:19
  • Oh great, you fixed your first issue, but another arises, so please explain why (when the game is clearly responding) it is saying 'arechio isn't responding Close game? Wait?' Please fix this issue. Otherwise, I'll have to find alternative routes (and don't give me the 'AI'/'BOT' you use)
    2024-05-29 18:45:00
  • Fun game, levels are thought out, and so are the buffs! Definitely would recommend as a time passer or active mobile game. Nothing fancy, but still a treat.
    2024-05-29 10:52:45
  • One of the scammiest ad ridden games I've played. The support team is not helpful either. In-app purchases may not work, they may just take your money and give you nothing in return. Even after reaching out to support with receipts.
    2024-05-27 16:39:52
  • I wrote this 5x and still your not listening. . I said The controllers are sometimes not working. Can you pls check it. Tnx.. As ive said, sometimes the controller is not functioning. Can you pls check it... Tsk. 1 star as long your not listening *Update After 2yrs of uinstalling it, I installed it this time, but nothing changes. Still there is difficulty in controlling the character. Your not checking it for 2yrs??????. Wont install it anymore. This game is negative star for me
    2024-05-27 11:38:16